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M62 Coach Bomb 50Th Anniversary

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10ClarionSt | 12:25 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | News
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A memorial service was held yesterday at Hartshead Moor Services for all those lost in the M62 coach bomb in 1974. One of those lost, Fusilier Stephen Whalley, aged 18, was a close friend of my wife and went to school with my BIL. He was heartbroken, as they were very close. My BIL still puts flowers on his grave every year. Stephens' mother kept a photo of him on her sideboard which had his regimental beret draped over it. She always said hello to him every day. He is buried at Boarshaw Cemetery, Middleton, actually not far from Lee Rigbys' grave. RIP. We will remember them.



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We will. I wonder of those that did it or the families or friends who will have known who did it even now give a damn about what they did. They probably don't. Acceptable murder it seems. 

Prudie - no I don't think they do - in the same way one must wonder if the soldiers that shot dead children and other innocents ever feel any guilt?

Before I am jumped on I do not support terrorism I am simply responding

We were driving across the M62 that night and as we got to, I think, the Elland turn off there were loads of emergency vehicles screaming onto the motorway heading the way we'd come. We probably overtook the bus at some stage, hard to belive it's 50 years ago.  RIP to all the victims of the madness.

it is quite possible that someone involved in this is still alive... imagine carrying that with you for fifty years

I daresay there are songs of their exploits sung in certain places.

It's the way of the world, much like freedom fighters becoming leaders, eventually.

//Before I am jumped on I do not support terrorism I am simply responding//

Of course.

@12.07.Aye,of course [email protected].

youngmafbo and ynnafymmi - you don't know me and you don't know my experiences so don't accuse me without walking in my shoes!


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No I am not irish !


Can we keep this thread on topic, please.


This attack seems to be less in the public consciousness than some of the other atrocities carried out on the mainland.

I am not sure this is the time, or place, for squabbling about who posted what. If you don't approve, you are not forced to comment in answer.

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ynnafymmi - You don't have to be of any particularly nationality or religion to have been touched by 'the Troubles'.

Please don't use this thread to kick lumps out of other ABers.


This is a thread posted for rememberance of those who died as a result of the M62 attack.  I have asked that it remain on topic.  I repeat that request.

I am not going to ask again.  

I was very pleased to read of this memorial service and the terrific turnout today.  Twelve deaths and many more people had their lives changed forever and will never forget.

The easy option would be to let it pass unnoticed but this was the right thing to do.


Lest we forget.

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Thanks for the replies folks. It was another bombing that no-one person could be blamed for. There were others. It was an act of terrorism that touched my wifes family. Stephen is still talked about and remembered with a smile. RIP. 

Did anyone get convicted? I remember Judith Ward claimed she was involved, but she was a fantasist and attention seeker.

50 years on, there is a good chance those responsible are now dead

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M62 Coach Bomb 50Th Anniversary

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