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Missing, Last Seen In A Nightclub In Devon

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wolf63 | 15:26 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | News
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Teddie was out socialising last Thursday and has not been seen since then.



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Another negligent cat-owner who is more concerned about the cat's fame and facebook rather than looking after her pet!

Hope Teddie is found soon😊 Reminds me of the one who used to regularly get on a bus and have a little trip.

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JJ - many cats have loving and caring homes and spend their days visiting different homes and businesses.  They wander around doing what they want and appear to live a well-balanced and happy life.


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Hazlinny, I hope that someone has taken him in thinking that he was lost.

Places like Turkey have many street cats, they are looked after and loved by the community.  They bring in tourists.

Very true Wolf and many cats go missing and suffer horrific injuries and deaths because they wander in the wrong places.

This particular cat owner knows that the cat has wandered to a nightclub and a bakery where it was not welcome and still done nothing about it!

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I suppose there has to be a balance somewhere - but once cats are left out for a wander they go where they want.  Some people build Catios so that the cat is safe in its garden.

My cats were indoor cats as I live in the city centre.  

Hopefully, Teddie will wander into his house and demand his food soon.



My cats are indoor cats also!

Teddie's probably 'pulled' on his night out and is shacked up with some alleycat.

An older female took him home from the night club I'd say Susan?

I suppose they've checked the mat.

Since it's in Torquay, I was going to suggest they get in touch with the rescue I got Toby from. But I see Hectors House is already involved. They are very good at finding and rescuing. 

To today. Missing 2 years.

We used to have a cat that would go and sit in the hairdressers and get lovings from all the old women!

There was a cat here in Plymouth that rode the bus every day.

There are a lot of dangers lurking for such creatures.  A cat on a housing estate near me used to go along to a bus shelter when its owner was due back from work and wait for her to get off the bus. But one day some bloody yoboes kkicked it around so badly it had to be euthanised. Local residents were so incensed they commissioned a bench, complete with a carving, in its memory.





My old boy took to roaming. Keeping him in was never going to happen because a) he was an expert escapologist and b) he was very unhappy being kept in and c) him being unhappy made me unhappy. Because he was skinny, (albeit all muscle) many people thought he was a stray and fed him. Eventually, I cottoned on and posted about him on our local FB page. Turns out he was very well known in our hamlet and, in fact, well loved. My posts about him helped keep him safe since people would notify me of his whereabouts so I could go and fetch him (he would come to me 95% of the time and then follow me home). Although had we been a busy area I'd have been less relaxed.


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Missing, Last Seen In A Nightclub In Devon

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