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More Tory Fraud News.

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gulliver1 | 14:06 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | News
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Michelle Mone and Husband have had £75 million of assets frozen as NCA investigate Fraud.The Frozen assets include a six bedroom London townhouse, a country estate on the Isle of Man,and 15 bank accounts with Coutts ,C Hoare and Co and Goldman Sachs International. Bet the Tory party wanted this case kicked into the long grass until after the GE,



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Question Author

Why aren't these two in custody awaiting trial ?.

Not something that you would expect to happen to a conservative peer. A reputation in tatters.

\\Why aren't these two in custody awaiting trial ?.//

I've no idea Gulliver, perhaps if you posted a link we could of read it and found out why.

Just a thought.

Question Author

David Cameron."We are all in this together"You just bet they are.

Breached "Proper process" when he appointed Mone to the house of Lords.  He did not consult the Govt Scotland office which he should have done before  giving a peerage to Scots.He probably thought it did not apply to him .Like most Tories think.

Lots of people have a number of bank accounts. Nothing unusual . Michelle Mone does own Companies in her own right. I don't know what  the problem is. 

"Why aren't these two in custody awaiting trial?"

That's probably because they haven't been charged with anything (yet).


Question Author

NMA 13.41 She's a bigger liar than Boris. But at least she has confessed to telling lies to the Press/Media, then says she has done no wrong..But after all she is a Tory and thinks rules and laws do not apply to her.

I didn't comment or ask about that gulliver, but I'll assume by your diversion that I've cleared up your misunderstanding at 13:10

Question Author

Just imagine that poor little Michelle gets to the checkout at Tescos and her debit card won't work ...poor little thing.🤣lol.

"More Tory Fraud News" says the OP.


My god, I've clearly not been keeping up with the news as I've missed their guilty verdict for fraud.


When was the trial? Why aren't the press reporting on the fraud conviction? 

Am I living under a stone in having missed the conviction?

Where is Ravingmod who thinks he or her (can I still say her?) has a grasp on libel law (he or she doesn't), in zapping Gulliver's lies...or is is that Ravingmod only deletes stuff she or he doesn't agree with?

Question Author

And so ...Deskdiary does not think that Mone and her husband who ripped of the taxpayer ..and made a £60 million profit from faulty goods and deposited the profit in offshore bank accounts to avoid paying UK tax, is innocent of Fraud...  Get those blinkers off Deskdiary.

You misunderstand Gulliver (of course you do, you always do), Mone may well be guilty of fraud, but you don't know that, I don't know that, nobody knows it...until (if) she's found guilty of fraud, as it stands she hasn't committed fraud. 

It's an easy concept to understand for most people.

Well theres one thing we know for sure, her and her husband sold the government a load of crap PPE.

Question Author

Deskdiary, have you got any idea at all ..why the NCA have frozen £75 MIL of mone's assets,,? Is it because they believe she is innocent and will not try to move her assets .It's an easy concept to understand for most people

Gulliver - have you got any idea how the law works?

DD We know how the law should work. But when theres one law for them (cons) and another for us....... 

Question Author

Deskdiary... which school of Tory Radicalisation did you attend ?

Jesus wept, you and your lapdog are too stupid to even bother insulting. 

Oh dear. :0)

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