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Don't Panic! But We Might Need A Home Guard

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tomus42 | 23:13 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | News
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BBC News - Britain must train citizen army, military chief warns



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I'm assuming he's going for the shock factor here to make politicians wake up; a "citizen army" is what we already have. I'm struggling to see the difference:he isn't calling for conscription, but as I said above, without that how do you persuade people to join a "citizen" army.


Good pay, conditions, respect ?

Aside from that, appealing to their moral duty to their society ?

Probably scrapping any woke nonsense and valuing normality might help.

our army has been gutted by austerity and wasteful expenditure on nuclear weapons... uk forces still have an excellent reputation for training but have suffered enormously from under investment.

once again the spending cuts we were all told were necessary actually ended up doing harm to this country. another tory mess.

Ick, four main reasons the Armed forces are struggling to recruit.

1. Handing recuitment to Capita.  Ludicous IMHO.

2. Constant 'woke'/virtue signalling.

3. 'Ambulance chasing lawyers' and politicians with no backbone to stand up to them (Also the HRA).

4. What exactly are we asking people to stand up for.  The British way of life is being constantly eroded, why should our brave boys and girls put their lives on the line then get treated worse than illegal immigrants?

As for a citizens army - bonkers.


Nelsons Modern Navy adapted for Snowflakes

Capita I agree with.

For the rest it comes down to two things; stop downsizing and improve pay. If we want to attract people it stands to reason we have be seen to be inclusive. 
I don't think the general's actual proposal is sensible: but like I say I think it's more of a wake up call 

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Don't Panic! But We Might Need A Home Guard

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