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Baroness Mone.

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gulliver1 | 10:17 Wed 13th Dec 2023 | News
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Michelle Mone (Ex Con Peer)  is facing a criminal allegation of bribery as part of a long running investigation by the NCA into her involvement with the company that secured a multi million pound ppe contract..from Boris's then Govt. ..Oh dear.



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To be honest gully they enjoy getting involved with your threads. What they don't enjoy is the fact that everything you've forcast over the last few years as turned out to be true. Especially when you forcast that Boris would be gone before the next GE. 
10:48 Thu 14th Dec 2023
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NiceBloke @ 09.48 I've just got to give you  best answer for that one🤣

Thanks. Its just the truth really, just hope they now sort out where many millions of pounds have gone where they shouldn't have gone. I guess thats going to take some time.

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As our friend Hymie pointed out on a previous post.

The Great Train Robber stole £2.61 million and they served 30 years in clink...This Tory Baroness and her Husband stole £200 million and seem to have got away with it.

Yep, to true. This country is in enough debt without millions going out the back door and that appears to whats been happening under the cover of covid, and who knows before?

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But then again The Great Train robbers were not in Boris's Con Crony Club .Don't get me wrong  Those train robbers  were Cons.   But not the same as Boris and his Cons. .....One law for them etc.

Gully 💘 Nicebloke

put me down for one of the pups.

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10.34 Oh dear the man from Densa has joined us .

"Come into my parlour said the spider to the Fly".

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10. 44 Sorry Typo ...Densa... should read Mensa.

Guardian angels are afoot this Advent.

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The way these Tories just let the lies roll out .and expect people to believe them..."Mone took leave of absence from the HOL,and said she was doing so in order to clear her name of allegations that had been unjustly levelled against her".  Oh yeah.

TTT. Do you not welcome an investigation by the NCA into what maybe a massive fraud of the tax payer?

The UK Government are all very quick on accusing governments of other countries of fraud and the like of, so surley you would welcome every opportunity to clear MM of such, would you not?

Personally I have little faith of any investigation or inquiry while the cons are still in power, you never know who is feeding who.

If there is a case of fraud the likes of Michelle Mone know full well how to duck and dive, and hide their ill gotten gains. I am not that keen on, or have a lot of love for Keir Starmer, but that won't affect him in any way of becoming a much better PM for this country. It was obvious that everyone loved Boris, but as an PM he was a poor excuse.

Getting back to this investigation, Michelle Mone may know how to duck, dive and hide, but Keir Starmer knows HOW they duck, how they dive, and most importantly where they hide their illgotten gains. So if we don't get them this side of the GE, Keir will get them.

Nicebloke: "TTT. Do you not welcome an investigation by the NCA into what maybe a massive fraud of the tax payer?" - of course I do and I believe their is a process happenning right now to investigate and prosecute fraud. What is not helpful is continual Troll posts speculating based on no evidence no knowledge and no understanding. During COVID the government dished out a lot of contracts for things like PPE that we were desparate for. No doubt there was a bit of nepotism but I'm sure most of the engagements were legit. No doubt we were overcharged no doubt the quality may have been poor but none of that is fraud. If any public money is found to have been stolen then the investigators will prosecute those concerned if they find it.

* there!

TTT. Troll posts? Whats troll about this OP / Statement. A troll I believe is somone who abuses another person online. I have never seen gully abuse anyone on AB. In fact a lot of the time he recieves abuse. He may have given some spicey remarks back, but NEVER abuse.





The OP just does grenade posting, lob it in and stand back. never answer a follow up, never debate a point never post a link, never clarify. The actual questions are occasionally worthy of discussion but we never actually have a discussion. The poster posts on only one subject over and over again. It's collectively that the posts are trolling because the purpose is not a discussion it's merely to spit bile in the poster's favourite direction.

"I have never seen Gully abuse anyone on AB."

You're joking right? You can't be looking very hard given he's done it on this very thread - see today at 10.44am.

nicebloke: "I have never seen Gully abuse anyone on AB." - you're having a Turkish me old china!

Maybe someone with a bit of spare time could do an audit of abuse in posts and detail the results in list form, or a bar graph if it's easier.

you mean not ONE T in TTT stands for 'troll' ? yeah OK

What they don't enjoy is the fact that everything you've forcast over the last few years as turned out to be true

"what all the wise heads said would happen,  has not happened and what al the damned fools in the Kingdom said wd happen, has come to pass"

Wellington, 1833 on the reform act parliament

OR was it

never seen such a lot of thorough bad hats in my life!

Lady Mone - should that be Leddy Money?

not ex peer - she has stepped back on a pt of  order


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