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More Covid Restrictions?

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mushroom25 | 19:53 Tue 12th Dec 2023 | News
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according to a survey (by More In Common), there's growing support for reintroduction of covid restrictions

do you number yourself in the lockdown-favouring fifth?



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A poll of 2000 people - and I thought the Daily Mail was good at twisting things.

Yes, but I'm retired, which makes a difference.

No. If people want to practice covid restricions, surely they can remember what to do. There's no need for another project fear, there's already one in place about the cost of living, another one coming will be the rise in fuel in January.

Just checking it's not April 1st ...

only if the people let it happen, covid is only a cold at best flu at its worst, stand up and say no, its a scam, as for the cost of living, its cost of greed by the energycompanies and supermarkets and i work for a supermarket its a con to rip people off.

Flu can be a very serious illness.

Plainly we don't need another lockdown though 

Good luck with enforcing such again. I would think that fifth are hoping to stop at home and be paid again. Dream on. :0)

So 20% n support it. A massively minority view - nothing to see here.  Twits!


I feel sure there would be considerably more civil disobedience should they be so foolish to try on their oppressive ego boosting demands again.


With any luck it'd end with the clearing out of all such poiticans and their parties, and a new dawn of democracy rising in it's place. (But maybe that's wishful thinking a bit too far.)

In a nutshell its just the media yet again with nothing better to do than create alarm with what is a pointless and useless survey. Maybe someone somewhere needs to off load millions of pounds worth of face masks/ PPE. 

Wont happen, no money.

That fith is probably about the proportion that dont effectively pay for it in taxes.

//end with the clearing out of all such poiticans and their parties, and a new dawn of democracy rising in it's place. //

I like your thinking.

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More Covid Restrictions?

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