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University Bans 'Offensive' National Anthem

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fender62 | 20:21 Sun 10th Dec 2023 | News
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why do they cater to these people, this is britain and not some backward dust hole of a dump country, who are these people! leave the uk then...



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But it isn't "national", is it? The nation doesn't get a mention in it. It's an anthem to the monarch, not the nation.

ClareTG0ld, //Is it a tradition to have the National Anthem at Graduations, though?//


Apparently at that university it is. 


//Stop getting angry over nothing.//


People see more and more that 'woke' ideals are taking precedence over tradition leaving on their wake nothing worth having, not even pride in their country, and that's why they object.  I'm on their side.

Crappy music, crappy words..

god save the rebellious Scots

More and more it seems to me we need a new National Anthem, one that reflects on our historic values but also speaks of going forward ideally together.  

Oh yes and can we leave Gods out of the equation, this was a pagan land before it was Christian. 

Much ado about nowt, as Billy Shakespeare would have said had he been from Burnley.

I've mentioned a few times on AB of how i was fined for not standing to attention at the end of a late noght showing of 'Rollerball'. I had actually fallen asleep during the film and an officer from another regiment reported me for not acknowldging the National Anthem.

If it truly is the students who have elected not to play the dirge at graduations, then what do we care? 

Why should I have to leave the u.k where I was born and bred, paid my taxes etc all my life, because I have no interest or desire to stand and sing along to a anthem saying how I want to be 'ruled over' by a family that have no right to rule over anyone, given the way they live their lives I think they ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and quietly slink away to oblivion.

Bristol, city of protests.. say no more.

It ain't so much any perceived attack on traditions that is the main issue, it's the eagerness of authorities to change anything demanded by those groups determined to make such attacks on everything valued by the rest of society. Besides, no one is forced to stand or to sing along, but apparently they feel compelled to make demands (despite voluntarily choosing to have benefitted from the education provided by the university).

Well fender seems to be of the opinion that I must leave the u.k for not singing along, and the education received by the students from the university certainly didn't come without considerable costs to them so I support their right to express their dislike about having to listen to it at their graduation.

Cant remember the national anthem being played at my university graduation

Perhaps it is time to remove the Royal Charter from Bristol University and all it's works. A Royal seal of approval requires that standards are maintained and are a clear differentiating signal that the establishment is trustworthy in all aspects. 

National Anthem (dirge) wasn't played at my graduation.  Not even Flower of Scotland was played.

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University Bans 'Offensive' National Anthem

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