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Religious Complications

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mushroom25 | 18:49 Mon 27th Nov 2023 | News
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this is quite the bizarre story for a Monday -

were RBKC right to reject the request? how far are authorities reasonably expected to go to accommodate religious issues?



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Quite right.  The authorities shouldn't bend to religious foibles - even though they often do.  Those people will have to get a bus.

Agree with Naomi .... a sensitivity too far, methinks.

The crazy thing is that the tunnel (which I've used many times) doesn't even go into the Science Museum.  It simply emerges next to it:

just put a door in it.

Putting a sock in it would be a better idea.  😀

I've seen newapaper reports the work was going to cost £2 million but I'm struggling to see how.

More tunnels for Jewish people to worry about.

When I worked in NYC we had many orthodox patients. They could not turn on a TV on the Sabbath but could watch it if someone else turned it on. Same with using a lift and telephone!

yes, they have to tear off all their toilet paper the day before, don't they?

I can't see why they require a three-foot wall going out into the street, but if it was something pedestrians were less likely to walk into, I don't see a problem.

A good friend of mine made good money looking after orthodox Jews on the Sabbath when she lived in London, some of her tasks were quite bizarre

Staying in a hotel in Israel staffed by the observant is an interesting experience.  A limp, dreary, cold and many hours old sabbath help- yourself breakfast laid out the day before - and no rooms cleaned, no towels changed, no beds made and no room service - in fact no service at all.  Nothing.  I only did it once.  

If you follow a religion that arbitrarily bans things, then that's what you chose and have to cope with for yourself. You can not expect the rest of the world to bend over backwards to accommodate your foolish foibles.


The trouble is, is that is EXACTLY what authorities tend to do these days, in spades, so every bunch of like minded folk with an issue expect the same treatment. Moronic authorities and woke minded individuals have made a rod for everyone's back with their pressure for more foolishness and the failure to nip such in the bud when it started years ago. All groups have now learnt that make enough noise and be a big enough nuisance and official opposition will crumble and give you whatever you demand.


This latest rejection being a bit of an exception it seems.

So is the comment over on 'ianvisits' by a certain Class 1 Atheist, could that be the same Atheist as on AB.. who's yet to put in a comment here on what should be his area of specialist knowledge. Also what is a 'Class 1 Atheist'? As I do not subscribe to religion or atheism, or a God (pantheism is more my thing).. I consider it all bizarre and totally beyond me :O/

Roo. I have no specialist knowledge of First Class Atheists, and I don't understand most of your post. As an ex planning officer, I can comment that there is a presumption in favour of granting planning permission unless there would be significant harm to public interests of acknowledged importance. I don't see that the welfare of a relatively small religious group should override issues such as local character and appearance and local amenity. I dion't know all the facts so I don't feel qualifired to comment further.

One issue is the money, and who would pay for it (forever more, as it would have to be maintained).

More complicated is when two religions have diametrically opposed requirements for the same secular amenity, and that's the main reason why this should not be accommodated.

Atheist 'Roo. I have no specialist knowledge of First Class Atheists' I just thought you might know about Jewish cemeteries.

The subway tunnel is interesting

It eluded me on a recent visit to London, I was trying to use it on my way to the Royal Albert Hall, very disappointed.

What a load of poppycock. Request correctly denied. Ignored altogether would have been better.

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Religious Complications

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