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Braverman Sticks The Knife In

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ichkeria | 18:08 Tue 14th Nov 2023 | News
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An unsurprisingly bitter and vindictive response which will be meat and drink to Labour. She must be hoping her party loses to give her a shot at the leadership. This sort of attack, laying bare divisions in the party, can only hasten a Labour victory surely?



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Easy for someone with such a record of successes as Home Secretary to point the finger I suppose.

Waste of lungs.

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Thanks Corby: it wasn't available as far as I could see at the time of posting. She has basically killed off Rwanda: which was basically her own crackpot idea as far as I know. All that wasted time ...

The sensible thing would be for the appeal to kill it off tomorrow and a sensible approach involving actually physically stopping these boats leaving and drastically cutting asylum processing could then begin 

A bad loser.

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Here's a link without an adblocker  blocker

If the next GE is destined to go Labour's way, then it already is. Trying to steer her party back on course isn't going to change much, especially since half her party and most of the others seem hell bent on ruining any attempt to sort the nation's issues.

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sorry that's her earlier resignation letter !!

This government is its own worst enemy.

We need a damned good war of our own so our leaders can rise to the occasion and show us what they're made of.

Not that there's much use for Armani clad chancers and spivs in war mind.

Hardly a resignation letter, is it, if she was sacked?

An interesting letter, that just about summed things up.

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"Hardly a resignation letter, is it, if she was sacked?"

The link  I accidentally posted was to her resignation letter last year. Bringing her back seemed an extraordinary thing to do at the time. Sunak surely regrets it now 

Unlikely. She now has the martyr label, is seen to be the one individual trying to solve the problems, and in a reasonable position to get the approval of all those who want it solved. Not a bad position to be in. And regardless of tomorrow's court decision she will be able to play it to her advantage. Meanwhile she is 'outside the tent, pissing in'.

I wonder how many letters will be sent to the chairman of the 1922 Committee after this ...

That will be the acid test of Braverman's support.

I suspect that she believes that Labour will win the next election, and she wants to be the next prime minister, so she's quite happy to sabotage the Tories now so as to set herself up for the top job. She obviously thinks that Sunak is useless and that she is the boss in waiting.

I'm not so sure that she really believes that the majority of the electorate agrees with her now, but she may well believe that she can win them round with a bit of nudging and a lot of propaganda. I hope that she is deluding herself and really thinks that she is the goddess in waiting.


Did she actually 'do' anything worthwhile as Home Secretary ?

Anne; It depends on whose side you are on. She said what many people are thinking, apparently. 'Many' people does not necessarily mean 'most' people. And 'most' people today does not necessarily mean 'most' people tomorrow.

Israel has put itself in the position of being perceived as using Palestinian doctors as proxy torturers of innocent Palestinians - children and sick people being operated on without anaesthetics. If they continue with their vengeance policy they will lose sympathy worldwide.

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"I wonder how many letters will be sent to the chairman of the 1922 Committee after this ..."

Very few: there's Andrea Jenkyn's embarrassingly badly written effort, but most MPs who have spoken out in disagreement have supported tte PM's right to make his own decisions. The Tories aren't that insane to go for yet another leadership election.

One of the pleasures 

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... of the next election night will be seeing Ms Jenkyn booted out 

OP "Can only hasten a Labour victory surely?"

You can smell the coffee then.... good.

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Braverman Sticks The Knife In

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