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Covid Inquiry; Question For Boris

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Hymie | 10:21 Sun 05th Nov 2023 | News
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While the pandemic was raging through the UK population, on a number of occasions Boris Johnson told the House of Commons that the rules (in relation for social distancing regulations etc) were followed at all times in Downing Street.

During last week’s Covid inquiry, Helen MacNamara (former Deputy Cabinet Secretary), testified that she ‘would find it hard to pick a one day when the regulations were followed properly inside that building (Downing St.)’.  If you want to hear her testimony (on this point) listen from 06:15 – 06:50, but the whole thing is well worth watching.

Who do you think was lying – the Prime Minister, to the House of Commons or the former Deputy Cabinet Secretary, to the Covid inquiry?



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excuse me, I thought we all knew he was a damned liar

Question Author

It would make for a good line of questioning (by Hugo Keith, the lawyer at the inquiry) to ask Boris how that the regulations were followed at all times (as he stated in the HoC), whereas a colleague had testified under oath that she would find it hard to pick a one day when the regulations were followed; and in e-mails, the endless conversations about is it OK that so many people are in the office.

Best ask Wee Burney(Aka Nicola Sturgeon)the same question Hymie.

Do you think posting your views could influence the enquiry and that a KC will be looking to get ideas on how to ask questions from an unknown poster on the internet. I'm sure the enquiry is very thorough...some might say too thorough as it's going to take years.

How is Nicola Sturgeon relevant to this? More whataboutery.

As I repeatedly say, this enquiry is a farce.

Its purpose should be to enquire why the country as a whole but in particular the NHS was so woefully unprepared to cope with a pandemic; to establish what was done wrong (a great deal) and what was done right (very little apart from the quick development of a vaccine); and make recommendations for a proper plan to deal with future pandemics which do not involve crippling the economy, education and mental health (which we already had).

Quite why examining the goings on inside No 10 Downing Street should help with that is a little unclear unless it is to demonstrate that Ministers and their advisors clearly believed that most of the restrictions which they had introduced were unnecessary, since they were so widely ignored.

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Covid Inquiry; Question For Boris

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