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The Orange One To Be Constitutionally Barred From Running For President

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Hymie | 22:09 Wed 01st Nov 2023 | News
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This youtube video is well worth a watching, in which Glen Kirshener (former assistant U.S. Attorney in the District of Columbia) explains why he thinks the US Supreme Court will ultimately prevent Trump’s name appearing on the ballot paper.



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So the header you typed out  is *** then?

It's too long.

The summary is that Trump may not be eligible to run for President because his attempt to overturn the last election makes him an insurrectionist and they are barred from doing so under the constitution.

It has gone to court.

We are suppose to be a Democracy.  If enough people want whomever to run for President, he/she should be allowed to do so.  They are afraid of this person having the ability and enough people to vote him in.  They are throwing the very concept that they claim to support out the window.  This is what one would expect of the "banana republic" countrys here on earth.

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Your heading is misleading, Hymie.

Indeed. The word 'possibly' is missing. 


Usual junk You tube again.

You really are obsessed with it.

his "mate phil"  has a YT channel, dontcha know !...

Question Author

Glen Kirshener thinks it’s pretty much a slam-dunk, giving logical reasoning in the video.

If it comes to pass – I predict a riot.

What concerns me is the lack of anyone remotely sensible to take his place.

Having watched some of Vivek Ramaswamy's interview with Piers Morgan ... I think I would rather have Trump tbh.


Isn't the Supreme Court far from equally balanced at the moment?  Would the people Trump put there vote against him?

Question Author

Glen Kirshener explains (in the video) why the Supreme Court judges appointed by Trump are likely to side against him.

Totally misleading headline it's certainly NOT news just an opinion.

Yes nut Hymie believes anything on YouTube.

*but not nut.

The courts in the US seem to run on a political basis when dealing with issues like this.

There are Republican judges and Democrat judges and they appear to make judgments along those lines rather than the law or the constitution.

Certainly the supreme court operates like that depending on who's got the majority.

I can't see this being successful, but I believe it should be.

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The Orange One To Be Constitutionally Barred From Running For President

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