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Mcdonald's Mice......

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mushroom25 | 16:04 Wed 01st Nov 2023 | News
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what a bizarre protest, clearly by individuals who have no grasp of how the McDonald's corporation operates.

but, where exactly did they get hold of so many mice?



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bad link

it's someone who breeds them for a living, or really loves mice as pets but i doubt that, pet shop suppliers etc, easy to find the individual, and obviously do not know that these restaurants are franchises thus it falls on the manager and not McDonald's

They will be pet mice.  And it would appear they have been painting them. Apart from that as no doubt pet mice they wont be able to live very long as they wont be able to fend for themselves, effectvily feeding the local cats if/when they get out.  MdDonalds also tends to be pretty clean of food too so no picking there.

So one has to ask 'Where is the RSPCA' and the useless Plod?  Or are they both on the vandals side once again?

They've probably improved it!

fender, they dont care.  Most probably wont even care about the 'cause' many will be simply vandals that jump on the nearest bandwagon.  Just like rioters and such like.

In other words scum.

McMouse cheesey stack, might be nice.

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try again.....

something odd had happened to the rendering of the address - probably due to having to paste it to Word and then recopy it to get it to display in AB

😃   😃   😃   😃   😃   😃   😃   😃   

They got the mice from Maccy's stores - what do you think goes in the burgers ?

😃   😃   😃   😃   😃   😃   😃   😃   

Question Author

// simply vandals that jump on the nearest bandwagon //

something like that - it's being reported locally that the perpetrator is a tiktok prankster.

I doubt they are pet mice  - mice are bred as food for exotic creatures such as snakes in the UK, there is a black market for them.


Yes Barry, my grandson has a pet snake which is fed 1 white mouse every week.  You buy a box of frozen ones and have to be careful to defrost them.

Some people prefer to feed them live mice.  As far as I know it is not illegal but is contentious and pet shops don't want bad press

Odd how McDonald's regularly gets targetted for stuff. Rewind 3 or 4 decades and i kept hearing people saying that McDonalds gave money to the IRA

More brands they are boycotting.

I saw a video of this, as I am sure many did.


as was mentioned expotic pets, i used to keep a Boa constrictor six foot and a bit, that used to eat defrosted rats, mice were to small for it hors d'oeuvre if you will.

//I doubt they are pet mice //

OK nitpicker "They are not wild mice".

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Mcdonald's Mice......

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