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Humza Yousaf Take In Palestinian Refugees

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fender62 | 16:54 Wed 18th Oct 2023 | News
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i  can see he has a vested interest with family etc, but we have enough radicals living here aready, and ready to kick off, some have already, and not to mention all the dinghy arrivals we know nothing about, personally i would never have let any of them settle here.



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let's arrange a swap - Humza Yousaf for one Palestinian, nothing more - nothing less. We could also trade Nicola and her husband - plus a £600k 'camper van'.

Plenty of Muslim countries surrounding Israel.  They'll feel more at home there and it's not so far to go.


I suspect Belgium took in a Tunisian 'refugee'and look what happened  there only three days ago.

LGBT man stabbed in Reading park by a muslim 'refugee'

Baby stabbed in a French park by a Muslim 'refugee'.

These refugees are blotting their copybook somewhat. If the Arab states won't welcome them why the hell should we. I believe they are brain washed to hate us in any case.

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No we should not, where ever they are let in, they bring unrest, King Hussein of Jordan gave them sanctuary, they tried to assassinate him twice, so he forcibly expelled them in 1970, killing over 25,000 in the process. Then when the Palestinians moved to Lebanon, they immediately tried to overthrow the government. When Lebanon kicked them out they moved to Tunisia . . . where they were kept on a tight leash.


Plenty of Muslim countries surrounding Israel. 

...errr they kicked most of them out in the first place...

Bazwillrun, there are Palestinian refugee camps in a few of them.

One likes to be charitable but that seems a risk too far. I'm sure we could help some other way rather that let more potential opponents of democracy and the UK in. Especially on top of all the illegals the government doesn't have the courage to stop. Maybe we could send humanitarian aid to those areas that do offer them sanctuary near to Gaza.

And we thought the Wuhan virus was bad.

Egypt and Jordan have flatly refused to accept Gaza refugees. They did it in a previous conflict and Hamas slipped over the borders into these countries claiming to be refugees. They then continued their terrorism from the host countrys. We do not know who is coming in via rubber boats as it is.There are already 40,000  on our security services watch list.

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Humza Yousaf Take In Palestinian Refugees

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