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More Bad News For Putin?

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ichkeria | 20:15 Fri 15th Sep 2023 | News
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I doubt if this is a case of "you shouldn't have touched the tea" - 

Anyway, there have been dire reports of serious illness before and not just Kadyrov. Fingers crossed this time tho.




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Out of interest, Ich. Is Chechnya still known as The Chechen Republic of Ichkeria? Or is that all history now.

Question Author

Lol no my namesake happened years ago :-)

There have been so many rumours about serious illnesses to these criminals: Lukashenko was allegedly at death's door not so long ago and Putin was associated with every disease going. He looks annoyingly fit I have to say.

Kadyrov mind you does not ...

what is the position of the Russian fleet in the black sea?

is the future a bit  dark for them ( haw haw haw)

or was the drone attack a lucky one-off?

Question Author

(I really should be concentrating on the rugby now. Sexton's a lucky boy there ☺️)

The position of the Russian Black Sea fleet is full retreat. Not only a sub down but their repair yard is ***d fjr maybe months.

Ukraine has systematically been destroying their air defences and early warning so the western Black Sea is just that now for those ships: black!

Quoting a distinguished ex Seal commander: "Never in history has a nation lacking surface combatants  been able to compel an opposing naval force to retreat from its forward bases."

International largesse is a great leveller.

Hi Itch - no the Seal commander,  has forgotten the bit of the pacific war 1941-45 where the Japanese Air force sinks HMS Prince of Wales by air power alone

and the Belgrano

and Atlantic Conveyor / Sheffield.

Let him go and kill a few s....y eyed gooks, - oily levantines, that is  all he is good for

Memo to slef - SEALs should deffo be seen and not heard...arf arf

Question Author

Are you suggesting the Japanese had no navy?

That's what he means 

Question Author

"Two Russian war ships of the Black Sea Fleet were not able to return to their home parts and were towed by tug boats. The frigate "Admiral Makarov" and the corvette "Samum" are back in Russian-occupied Sevastopol harbour."

Embarrassing πŸ˜€

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More Bad News For Putin?

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