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Xl Bullys To Be Banned

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pastafreak | 17:10 Fri 15th Sep 2023 | News
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Another victim yesterday...and Sunak has announced they will be banned by the end of the year. My heart goes out to this man's family and all other victims.



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I don't know much about the breed and in general, I don't feel that a whole breed of dog should be banned because of the actions of some bad dogs.

But these dogs seem to be responsible for so many attacks and it is said that they are almost impossible to fight off.

The people who breed these dogs and the people who want this type of dog are the main problem.

I think that banning the breeding of these huge and muscular hounds is a good idea.  Shoot anyone who breeds them illegally.  If they are bred in puppy farms then that only adds to their behavioural problems.




Good.  They're not bred by people who love and care about animals - they're bred by low-life money makers and bought by low-life cretins as a status symbol.

The legal problem is that they are not a breed. They are all cross breeds. The Government is searching for a way to identify them as a breed and then action such as a ban can be taken across all the specified breed in the UK. Right now legal action can only be taken against each specific dog if it has commited an offence.

Dangerous strategy, populist vote-catching which may lose the dog-lovers vote.

Canary - I think that most dog lovers recognise that this man-made creation should not exist.  

People who want this sort of dog are not your average dog lovers.

I don't know what the mix of breeds are to make this XL Bully - but they are solid muscle

It's the owners that are the problem. 

Why do people want to own a dog like this? 

If and when the breed is banned, the former Bully dog owners will simply go for the next most aggressive breed, and train it to do exactly what the Bully dogs are trained to do - maim and kill.  

How do you legislate against that?

PS  Naomi at 17.34 has said exactly what I wanted to say, but didn't.

Well said, Naomi, I agree with your every word.  

Good set of questions and legal answers running here

Don't hold your breath.

The current Prime Minister (who would be better suited employed as the assistant manager of a carpet showroom) talks a good talk. Among his latest "promises" was to reduce the NHS waiting lists (all but ditched yesterday) and to pass legislation to enforce convicted criminals into the dock for sentencing (still being discussed).

This proposal will join that list and probably be quietly forgotten when another "priority" is identified.

He'd be better off measuring your spare bedroom for ten square metres of best Wilton. You might get that delivered and fitted (provided he asks the right people to do the job).

I don't think  he's thought this through. 

Question Author

I hope that you are wrong NJ. The recent rise in cases...3 in one week?...demonstrates just how out of control this situation is. These creatures are a threat to both people, and other animals.

These dogs have the potential to be huge...well over 100 pounds. Certainly larger and stronger than smaller bull terrier breeds. I once saw a staffie attack another, smaller dog. Their jaws are designed to lock on their prey. It took 6 people to remove that dog. You'd not have a hope in hell with an XLBully.

The problem with modern politicians in the UK is that they want to be liked by everybody including scum.

If we can wean them off social media and separate them from bright young things we stand a chance of getting something done, otherwise we'll just spin our wheels.

Maybe take a leaf or two out of the French playbook and learn to say tant pis to minority interests.

New Judge, As an ex manager of a carpet showroom I can assure you that I would not have Rishi-Sunak as an assistant to myself. He may be able to sweep the floor, but only after he's completed his paper round.

That poor man.  

I really do appreciate the not bad dogs, bad owners argument but unfortunately I think that some dogs have a greater propensity to attack.  Certain breeds have certain traits - a border collie is likely to round up sheep/cows/people; an Italian mastiff is likely to guard and protect; a border terrier is likely to be a good ratter; a bloodhound is likely to be a good tracker.  This is why particular breeds are used for particular jobs.  These dogs are known to be extremely strong and have underlying aggression - particularly if exposed to human aggression.

I was always taught that you never ever trust an animal, however well trained and well bred that animal might be (this from a farmer who grew up around livestock).  Any animal can turn in an instant and without warning.  Add to that that this breed seems to be preferred by those who want an aggressive dog for reasons I cannot fathom.

The outcome of one of these attacking has already been shown to have devastating consequences.  They are pure muscle and bred not to back down.  I'll try and find the figures, but I saw that these dogs were responsible for half of the deaths from dog attacks in the last few years.


its not like they are specifically needed and a ban wont put them into extinction i dont get why people get all emotional about it

the problem isnt the breed though its dogs in general and owners who have no idea how to train or control a dog they just get them for a statement 

the small ones bite a lot or nip as their owners would say

maybe you should just need a licence for particular breeds 

The small ones are easier to hoof for a conversion though.

exactly so they never cause much harm but if they had more weight and size to them then it wouldnt be a good scene 

Question Author

roadman...the problem isnt the breed though its dogs in general and owners who have no idea how to train or control a dog they just get them for a statement 

But most other breeds do not have the combination of size, strength, temperament, and ability to kill.

its a case of guns dont kill people humans kill people 

dogs dont kill people its their owners 


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Xl Bullys To Be Banned

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