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I'm saddened but not surprised. She was a troubled soul
Oh how sad :(
Golly yes so am I. She was a troubled soul, she is at peace now.
I see the article mentions the death of her son. Sad for their family.
Question Author
I remember the first time I heard Nothing Compares To You. My mate and I were sitting in a taxi on the way home from a nightclub in Perth. That song came on the radio and the burly Aussie taxi driver turned the radio up and the three of us listened to it on the way home. Very sad.
RIP Sinéad
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A bigger threat to the Pope than Ian Paisley ;-)

Great voice

Could a mod remove mine about the same please, I didn’t see this one
Very said just heard it on the Radio 'Talksport'

R.I.P Sinead O'Connor
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Sinead O’Connor was indirectly the reason I stopped watching the Brit Awards years ago: there’d been some fuss about her disrespecting the US flag or anthem at the time. Ok it was a controversial and probably silly thing to do but that’s the sort of person she was.
However in her absence the Bris decided to make mild fun of her by getting the warbling Whitney Houston on doing the Star Spangled Banner. Which was one of the naffest things ever.
So I switched off the telly and never watched the wretched thing again.
So a trio of largely pointless protests.
But like I say: where she went so did controversy.
That’s the spirit Tora! I think the best tribute we can do is to make this thread as controversial as possible.

I’m sure she’d love it :-)
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TTT, just say what you mean!
I was astonished years ago on getting Hot Press magazine years ago to find she’d done a topless photo shoot!
Mould out the window.

That’s enough from me: I’ll probably go and play “In This Heart” now :-)
Didn’t she go into a convent to be a nun ?
she courted fame and disharmony
I think itch's case was when she announced that she was gonna burn the flag of the greatest country in the world - IN that country, that evening
and got deported in the afternoon - complaining all the while as she was led off
Sad news.
Rest easy, Sinead.

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