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You lot should stop misgendering him. You only encourage lies. He won it fair & square. That he wasn't eligible to compete merely shows the organisers have guano for brains and as such are incapable of doing their job. (Or, most likely, holding any role in society.)
I can see why the new owner doesn't call it a beauty pageant any more.

Looks like the queue for the pit head baths.
Blimey Old_Geezer - you’re brave.

In the link below I referred to somebody, who was very clearly a man, as him/he, and the Editor at the time told me “She deskdiary - it’s really not that difficult”.

The Editor told me the ‘correct’ way to refer to the person - or put another way, told me how I should think.
Fo many it probably isn't difficult to lie; it's just that I've never been very good at it so don't like it, and don't tend to do so. Coercing others to lie is not right though.
There's nothing wrong with a trans woman competing in such events; there's nothing wrong with a trans woman winning such events; and there's nothing about accepting trans women that tramples over the rights of other women or anybody else for that matter.
Except maybe a fair arm wrestling match.
young, there already is a Miss Trans Global pageant
DD, that was a thread and a half!
So this is purely misogynistic then Barry.
You can fool some of the people some of the time. But most of us can easily tell that it’s not butter. Bonus hole…..don’t make me laugh.
ClareTG0ld, when, in order to accommodate the foibles of the trans brigade, mothers are referred to as ‘people who give birth’, and women as ‘people with a cervix’
or ‘people who menstruate’ there is something very wrong. The winner of this competition is not a ‘Miss’ anything - and never will be.
But you don't have to use those words, Naomi. No one has passed a law saying you have to.
You seem to live in perpetual fear of transgender, immigration, race and freedom of speech issues when I bet not one of them affects your daily life. You are the typical embodiment of predjudice.

You forgot missing. :-P

I'll get me coat.
Zacs-master, You'd lose your money.
Looking at the other contestants if you asked 100 men to pick one the transgender one would be lucky to get one vote. I suppose there's no reason though why the judges have to male men... could be women or maybe mainly transgenders.
But beauty pagents are past there sell by date anyway
So genetic males make better females?

Well *** me.

The suffragette movement must be writhing in their graves.

Poor souls!!
No, ozzy - only those born male with the money to have radical facial surgery such as filed chin, enhanced cheekbones, shaved adam's apple, fillers, brow lift. Also breast implants, hip and bottom implants, radical genital modification. Possible lower rib removal. Lifelong hormones and supplements.
All to turn a man in to some men's idea of what a woman should like - some sort of Jessica Rabbit crossed with Betty Boop.

21 to 40 of 40rss feed

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