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Deskdiary | 20:07 Thu 11th Apr 2019 | News
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For the first time in my life I've used LOL.

Come on....even the most achingly right-on amongst us on AB, and there's loads, must find this LOL. I more than LOL'd, I bloody roared with laughter. He was wearing an Ann Summers Mrs Clause outfit fer christ's sake.

What the hell is somebody who is clearly a bloke doing pouting like that?

Am I wrong to find this hilarious?


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I saw that. I actually feel sorry for him.
Diddums! If that's the biggest problem he faces this this year, he's a very lucky man/woman/person (delete as appropriate) indeed!
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Pixie used the correct pronoun.
The thing is if someone is transitioning their sexual identity is of massive importance to them. It's hard to think of a more difficult or fraught thing to be doing. Some people do a better job than others of appearing to be of their trans sex before their transition is complete. This can be partly dumb luck down to genes and bone structure to the need for them to live a little longer as their chosen sex (*** I can never balance my eyebrows, they're a car crash) so although the nurses initial insult might have been accidental I don't think the subsequent ones were, so yeah I too feel very sorry for her, things are hard enough :/
Unfortunate comment by the nurse, Chantelle should have let it be I feel - but then, what do I know?
He's set himself up for ridicule. Yes ... HIMself, for HE is a FELLA.
It was the pouting that baffled me.
I don't think anyone deserves ridicule. Neither can they expect other people to lie for them. He is either totally taking the pee, or genuinely deluded. I would give him the benefit of the doubt for now.
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Why are blokes masquerading as women always so bloody vocal?

Boo hoo, I look like a bloke, I still have the bloke equipment, but everybody must respect my choice to be a woman. It's madness.

People referring to somebody who is clearly a bloke as her or she just adds to the madness.

The very very best this bloke can hope to achieve is his interpretation of what a woman is - he can never actually be a woman because he doesn't know, and never will know, how it feels to be a woman.
Yes, DD. That is absolutely right. He will always "identify as a man"- whatever that means... because he is one and always will be- so he has no choice.
I suspect it's more his fantasy of what a woman is.
Charlie Saunders?
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The trouble is though we're meant to suspend belief and indulge them.

Actually that's wrong - it's worse. we're meant to believe it. And I just can't.
You don't have to. Indulgence and "going along" with delusions has been tried for ages with psychiatric conditions and has always been found to do more harm than good. It has been stopped everywhere else a long time ago. You are refusing to add to the damage.
Erggh indeed.
Am I wrong to find this hilarious?

No you're not, Deskdiary. I lOLed to.
Really, by the time a male has secondary sex characteristics... they really can't be hidden again.
// Pixie used the correct pronoun. //
No, she didn't.

I don't know why, whether a transgender person identifies as male or female, we can't simply use the pronouns they would prefer. I have no idea what it's like to feel like you've been born with the wrong gender, but I'm sure it's pretty upsetting to get the reaction she did from the nurses, and then to get a similar reaction here - not just for this woman but for any trans people who may be reading AB.

This thread was closed because it was looking like it was becoming transphobic, which isn't tolerated on AB - but I'm reopening it for now in the hopes that we can have a discussion about this news story while talking about this woman without being offensive by using the wrong gender.
By insisting that people be referred to by what others perceive (perhaps wrongly) to be a preferred identity, we are embarking upon a very slippery slope and with that imposition in place there can be no frank discussion. I once addressed a letter to ‘Mr’, completely unaware that the recipient was a transvestite who preferred to be addressed as ‘Miss’ – and I was lambasted for it. Who’s to know? Whatever this person wants to be, the photograph portrays a man because it is a photograph of a man. Regardless of aspiration, of surgery, of hormone treatment or whatever else, men will never be women. On this occasion arriving in a festively comical Ann Summers outfit couldn’t have helped. For all anyone knew he might have been dressing up just to give the patients a laugh – and having seen the photograph that would have been my assumption. I am not ‘transphobic’ – whatever that may mean – and as has been said it must be difficult for people in that situation but, as a woman, I feel that my gender is being hijacked by men aspiring to be women – even to the extent that they are now competing quite unfairly, in my opinion, in women’s sports. This is something I feel very strong about and I shouldn’t be rebuked for voicing that opinion. If this person is a woman, what does that make me? Frankly the demand that the rest of the world join them in their pretence by treading on politically correct eggshells is wrong. This is something that will always happen and it’s something that those in that position must expect, and learn to deal with. Their problems are their problems.
ps. Thank you for re-opening the thread, Ed.

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