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//I think it was the boss of Netflix, which has just dumped them, who called them a couple of grifters.//

Lol. Naomi. He wasn't quite as polite as you in his description of them.
There was a word the swear filter would not accept before 'grifters'
Always the lady. :-)
And it wasn’t the boss of Netflix. Apart from that……
No. It was Spotify. Agreed but I also believe netflix are not over enamoured with Firm Sussex any more.
OK, someone from Spotify.

Retro, I wonder if they'll sue? They seem to like doing that.

Jourdain, I think of it as a bit of a wheeler/dealer, someone who gets money in any way they can. More an American term I think.
I knew Netflix had dumped them - and the rest seem to be following suit.
What is a grifter?
Defined as someone who gets money dishonestly by tricking or swindling people, a grifter is a con artist.

A career grifter, is then someone who scams people out of their hard-earned money for a living.

Taken from The Scotsman
Thank you Z-M and others. Always nice to learn a new word. :)

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