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Just Stop Just Stop Oil

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Spungle | 21:31 Tue 13th Jun 2023 | News
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Thankyou, Rishi Sunak and Suella Braverman, for empowering the MET Police to enforce the law against the brainless and unwashed eco mob. Very refreshing to see the MET Police actually doing something for the taxpayer and the working man.



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Question Author
Even Sadiq Khan is forced to credit the Conservative Government for empowering the police to stop these idiots. A victory for common sense!
Could do without the big jessie running commentary though.
Maybe the press etc should stop filming and publishing pictures of the idiots
They are not all 'unwashed layabouts'. A lot are well groomed and clean older people .
Question Author
I said nothing about "layabouts" but if the cap fits...
To be fair though, those that super glue themselves to tarmac probably are layabouts.

Well done, police :)
^^ and I did say 'not all'.
police have always had various powers that could have been used to deal with these deluded fools but for some strange reason chose not to use them...instead in most cases decided to escort them along the public highways/roads etc they were obstructing
//instead in most cases decided to escort them along the public highways/roads etc they were obstructing//

All part of the 'woke 'management indoctrination Baz. Like 'taking the knee' etc. Absolutely no professionalism or correct guidance handed down by senior officers.
I saw a video yesterday of 'a police officer' describing her on-going development and training programme. She explained she had a mentor and a coach to help her along her career path. She was wearing the rank of a Police Chief Inspector for gawds sake.
New rookies out of training school should be getting guidance and advice from the likes of her. It really is pathetic how the police 'force' has turned out.

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Just Stop Just Stop Oil

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