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Anyone Fancy A Walk ;-)

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ichkeria | 09:36 Mon 24th Apr 2023 | News
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Which clowns are behind that nonsense ?
What are they protesting about this time? War-Monger-in-Chief (Blair) no longer holds sway.
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It’s not something I have seen before
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Interesting that they have their own telegram channels it seems.

We all know who uses telegram … :-)

Anything to get on RT and be watched by 3 people.
Just another ragbag collection of inadequates with broadband.
Over a million protested in London trying to prevent war in Iraq. Blair took no notice.
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Anyway, I’ve subscribed to the channel.

Wondering what Tony Blair has to do with it mind you
One doesn't get peace and freedom by capitulating to aggressors and allowing them to initiate violence onto whomever they choose. That is the path to subjugation. Not in my name, that's for sure.

If one wants true global peace then you must first remove the oppressors from such regimes and ensure the peoples there have a say in how their nation is governed. It clearly takes a long time without temorary conflict forcibly removing the greed filled powerful leaders. Which is a bit ironic since it implies fighting fire with the very fire you wish to put out. Such is the reality :-(
How long has Westminster been in Watford?
I am reading Churchill's account of the second world war. The first book is called the Gathering Storm. It explains how the second world war was enabled by idiots like these. Quite amazing reading about how WWII could have been stopped in the early 30s but Liberals disarmed us and France and let the Germans re arm. Quite staggering folly.
Given her view on having a nuclear sub centre in Scotland, is Queen Nicola going to head the protest? - if so, let her walk to her own gallows if not arrested beforehand...
or bundle them all up and ship them out to the Eastern Ukrainian front and see what Putin's peasants are up to.....
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The war in Ukraine has now cost over a quarter of a million lives. All of them effectively attributable directly or indirectly to Putin.

The counteroffensive is coming: personally I’ll be surprised if anything major happens before June.
It was heartening to hear Col Ben (Hodges) and others talking to The Sun

Of course these guys are speaking from the outside looking in.
Rumours persist that Ukrainian pilots are training on F16s in Arizona. Which would suggest that there won’t be a quick victory but there will be one, in due course. Republican Lindsay Graham is supposedly one of those behind a US attempt to persuade the G7 effectively to end Russia’s economy.
One can only hope that these signals are pointing in the same direction: namely a strategy to force an end to the Kremlin regime in due course
Its going to be very white, very middle class and the same people who join extinction rebellion.
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I note that stopping "thermal nuclear war" is one of their objectives, along with "peacw with Russia ans China"
I sympathise with people who worry about nuclear war: these may be people who genuinely don't follow what is going on all that closely and just think we'd be better to all be friends. Sadly, it doesn't work like that. I wish it did.
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It’s been cancelled.

Must be one of the shortest walks in history …

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Anyone Fancy A Walk ;-)

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