Sunak Says The Quiet Bit Out Loud

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Untitled | 14:55 Fri 05th Aug 2022 | News
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in a video leaked to the New Statesman Sunak makes the following boast to a group of Conservatives in Tunbridge Wells...

"I managed to start changing the funding formulas to make sure areas like this are getting the funding they deserved. We inherited a bunch of formulas from Labour that shoved all the funding into deprived urban areas and that needed to be undone. I started the work of undoing that."

is this what the tories really mean by "levelling up"?

have they forgotten that they might want to win the next general election?


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This has been posted elsewhere here today
so I’ll repeat what I said on the other thread. I wonder why whoever clipped this 28 seconds from an obviously longer speech didn’t show the rest? Could it be because he wasn’t saying that he was taking ALL funding from deprived areas as this piece of nonsense suggests?
Telling them what they want to hear to get their vote. It looks like a lost cause though and it doesn't sound great to a wider audience.
I'll repeat what I have said on previous threads
"Theres non so deaf as those who do not want to hear"
"Non as blind as those who do not want to see"
Of course it doesn’t sound great. It wasn’t meant to. That’s why it was clipped to 28 seconds. Had the rest been left it it wouldn’t have been fit for purpose.
Based on that short clip it look's insensative and will do some damage to his polarity in redwall area's but might help him in some other areas where members think there area don't get its fair share..... but it might sound different if the whole speech is heard and he was just saying it should be allocated fairly based on real need not just to areas that use to vote Labour
Naomi; Have you heard the rest?
Who cares what you think. IT's up to the Tory members not you and your selective cut pieces of 'News'.
No. Have you, atheist?
Why do you think it’s been clipped at just 28 seconds?
When was that?
Is this real, and not a deep fake.
Horrible boast if true. Doesn’t reflect well on him.
Well those are the questions no one seems to be able to answer Gromit.

Odd that isnt it, I wonder why the full video is not available.
See the Twitter link at 12.56 on the ‘Just got my voting paper’ thread. Anyone who believes this is all there is to it really is naive in the extreme. It’s been clipped for a purpose.
Agreed. The providence of the video is unknown.
When, where it was taken, and recorded by whom. And what went before and after the edit.
Dark forces are at work against both candidates.
Of course it has Naomi but it gives the left something to bang on about. It doesnt matter a jot of course because its Tory members choosing not them and us Tories are a bit wiser to the lefts game than they think.

I always remember the case of that video of a young lad being accused of racism to a native Indian, then it turned out, when full vidoe was released, it was actually the other way round. The camera can and does lie.
I dont think its dark forces, just the left mischief making, as per usual.
// the left mischief making, as per usual //

Sunak was addressing the party faithful. It was someone in that audience who filmed it. Someone in the party who does not want Sunak to win and was prepared to gift it to the New Statesman.
Of course the NS will jump on it and exploit it, but the source was undoubtedly someone in the Conservative party.
Question Author
We could always look to see what he actually did…

does anyone know of wealthy areas have benefitted more than poor ones from the levelling up funds?
Sunak appears to be confirming allegations previously aimed at Robert Jenricke, the Communities Minister.

Question Author
According to the FT 14 areas which had above-average earnings were designated “priority one” and the scheme consistently prioritised areas with tory MPs over poorer areas with Labour MPs…

Sunak also handed 90% of the Towns Fund to Tory areas….
Just goes to show how low down these sewer rats in the Conservative Party will stoop to get what they want .they are just scum bags in suits. Get rid.
Shane you don't het to vote gluver. Maybe you should move back to UK and help us get Keir in

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Sunak Says The Quiet Bit Out Loud

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