Johnson Opens Doors To Last Chance Saloon?

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FatticusInch | 13:17 Thu 30th Jun 2022 | News
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No indication in the link blurb however at the time of posting it states that Johnson gives ambiguous answer to the question of a snap election.
In poker terms he’d be going all in…..but with a pair at best.


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I really dont understand your question. Could you elaborate a bit please?
Question Author
Hang on a sec youngmafbog, I’ll just go and get the crayons……
And here you go again, how pathetic.

Haven't changed much from your previous incarnation have you.
If you're thinking the Tories would be ousted in a snap Autumn election - think again. Sooner rather that later I say.
Surprised me that we were the third highest 'defence' spender* in the world. (and we're getting rid of servicemen)
*Last year, anyway.
**According to Boris.
Question Author
From the link.

Politics Hub brings you the latest political news, insight and analysis from the Sky News team in Westminster. Boris Johnson's failure to rule out a snap general election has raised eyebrows as he attends the final day of the NATO summit in Madrid.
Lighten up, YMB.
It's quite funny, no?
Question Author
//If you're thinking the Tories would be ousted in a snap Autumn election - think again. Sooner rather that later I say.//

Fingers crossed.
Ah, now it makes sense...not.
seems like a bit of a U-turn

///In the manifesto it is clear that they were promising that in every year, defence spending would be higher than the previous year's spending by at least inflation plus 0.5%. And we know that on current spending plans that is not going to be the case...The Treasury said at the time of the Spending Review last autumn that Ministry of Defence spending would fall between 2021-22 and 2024-5 by an average of 0.4% a year after adjusting for inflation.///
1.Boris is in difficulties and one option is a snap election
2. He ( Boris silly!) was asked
3.He ( Boris again, silly!) gave an anodyne ( =blurby) answer
4.Keir S may or not be fined
5.But he will resign if fined
6.Boris thinks we think that a snap election whilst Labour is a-moiling will give him ( boris silly!) an advantage
7.Fatso assesses Boris as having two advantages politically
a. Ukraine of courts , er and b - whatever that is
if there is a snap election

The end

PP give crayon back to listhping Aber
Oooo …. the anticipation. :o)
// Whilst Labour twist in the wind, Durham plod has started taking lockdown seriously for some strange reason, after pooh poohing any notion of retrosperctive action, and is dishing out back dated fines for misdemeanours related to it like confetti at a wedding. If Starmer, and his flasher sidekick, do resign after being fined Boris will call a snap G.E. whilst Labour tear each other to bits in a scramble to be leader. October looks good.// 17:45 Wed 29th Jun 2022.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Question Author
An attack of self-inflicted jitters. Clever! :o)
Question Author
//An attack of self-inflicted jitters. Clever! :o)//

Yeah, fickle lot these Tories eh?
I daresay you’re going to go into some diatribe about how they wouldn’t be there if it weren't for him blah blah blah.
That’s the problem when you treat your underlings with contempt, eventually they’ll come back and bite you.
An election would probably result in a hung parliament anyway, but at least with Johnson gone there’s a chance for British politics to resume a decent standing amongst our neighbours.
Question Author
Self-inflicted is harsh though, it’s more Johnson inflicted.
The recent by-elections proved that.
Meanwhile in the real world Labour shadow minister quits because the shadow of a leader will not suppport the strikes. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

//Keir Starmer suffered a fresh blow today as one of his shadow ministers quit and issued a vow to stand 'shoulder to shoulder' with workers demanding pay rises.
Mike Amesbury resigned as Labour's shadow local government minister as he expressed a wish to give 'an even louder voice' to his consituents struggling through the cost-of-living crisis.
His resignation follows a bitter row within Labour about the party's position on nationwide rail strikes.
Mr Amesbury last week expressed support for those who caused train chaos with their industrial action.//

Will there be a by election? (^_*)
Question Author
Usurped I feel by a Tory Whip resigning.

Government whips resigning tend to make more news than the opposition.
Maybe they were touching each other?
Question Author
As Togo pointed out, best we stick to the real world.

//Several Conservative MPs have stood down from their seats in recent months after complaints about their conduct.
In April, Neil Parish stood down after admitting he watch pornography in Parliament, describing it as a "moment of madness".
And in November last year, Owen Paterson quit as an MP after an inquiry found he had broken lobbying rules - which he denied.
Mr Pincher previously stood down from the whips' office in 2017, when he was accused of making an unwanted pass at former Olympic rower and Conservative activist Alex Story.
But after an investigation by the party, he was cleared of any breach of its code of conduct.//

Looks like someone has ‘form’ for this sort of thing? Tbf, at least he tried to keep it within the Party. Lol

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