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could explain some channels I'm missing - damn savages...
You missing QVC and Craft, dave?
I had only just discovered Forces Tv channel and thoroughly enjoyed seeing every episode of 'Watching' before it was taken off air. This comedy was a favourite from my younger days.
Cheers, Ken. I will wait to update until after Nadal has played ;)
Karamia, we enjoyed it first time round, too, and recorded the latest showing as my oldsters love it
Just went to re tune and a banner came up telling me that as we have a BT system for freeview there was no need to retune, they do it automatically for you.
My device automatically changes channels as well when they move, so it's no bother for me.
Is this for certain areas of the country, because I usually see onscreen notifications of such changes and there have not been any recently.
Do you ever watch Quest Red pasta and plus 1, they had notifications recently on my TV ? I never saw any others.
"so it's no bother for me"...surely retuning a TV and recorder isn't any "bother" anyway...
It's less of a bother when you don't have to !
Oh sorry I forgot the italics "bother" ...
Burly...Quest only occasionally. More REALLY and HGTV. Last time things moved I did nothing and continue to watch some channels on their *old* position.

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