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Energy Prices

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StyleMonkey | 15:50 Fri 24th Jun 2022 | News
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Has anyone had trouble paying their energy bill since the prices were increased? Don't be shy or ashamed.

The prices went up just as spring finally arrived meaning the temperature was warmer so I turned off my radiators. I've not had a bill that surpassed a previous bill as of yet.


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I have just had the bill from my energy supplier and they wanted to double my monthy direct debit payments, so i rang them and negotiated only a 50% less rise. It does pay to ring them up.
Fortunately I arranged a 12 month deal last September before it all went pear shaped. No doubt I will be in for a shock when it runs out.
I fixed for 2 years .. Will not see increase till next may
Me either SM, but I’ve always paid over what they said to so I don’t feel I’ve taken the hit
Me too Bobbi like to be in credit
I got a bank statement today that looked a bit healthier than I was expecting. When I read through it, I found this entry:
"Received From British Gas £345.34".

They've also reduced my direct debit for electricity, so (although I'll be watching my energy consumption carefully) I'm not currently panicking.

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Energy Prices

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