Jewish Shop Owners Are Beaten Up

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fender62 | 17:12 Thu 27th Jan 2022 | News
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what section of society is doing all this anti-semitic attacks, is it that other ethnic group or just random, jews seem to keep themselves to themselves, never hear of them abusing or attacking anyone, so whats the jist here erm palestine or a long hatred going back a thousand yrs or more?


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we have a very big orthodox Jewish community near where we live, they are peace loving people who just get on with there lives
ABers, are in general, apathetic when it comes to Jew based stories. They care more about the whereabouts of a former politician than a bit of violence against a couple of Jews.

Atrocious act to happen to anyone at anytime made all the more disgusting by it being Holocaust Memorial Day.

What if anything goes through the heads of those who commit crimes like this?
Yes....Mr Corbyn has a hell of a lot to answer for.Him and his gang of anti-semites have a helluva lot to answer for.Hell mend them.Sorry for the overuse of the word"hell".
I would plump for Palestine ... or something like that. If it is that nothing will 'stamp it out'. Horrendous.

An 18 year old has been arrested but I don't think he's been named.
Some thugs will jump on any bandwagon that gives them an excuse to commit mindless violence. I hope all the perpetrators are caught and get stiff sentences.
It was one man, dave. He's been arrested.
Roy.//ABers, are in general, apathetic when it comes to Jew based stories//
I do not believe that for one minute.
nor do i, this was another attack one of many, on members of the Jewish community,
//never hear of them abusing or attacking anyone//

Doesnt make the news, any group of people will have bad apples.

Having said this I dont really understand why they are picked on these days. In the past there were people like my FiL who was sent there after the war and was attacked by them. Surprisingly there was no love lost there, but that generation has gone now.
perhaps these attacks are by Muslims or Neo Nazi groups?

18 year old Malaki Thorpe has been charged with two counts of racially aggravated ABH. He has also been accused of possessing an offensive weapon.
Yes that's what I thought.
ich //Yes that's what I thought.//
Which post does that refer to?
You thought what, ich?
perhaps the origin of the name that Ken posted....
Damn savage.....etc
One sees the name "Malaki" and one thinks: surely that is a Jewish name.
Ken got in before me
generally spelled Malachi isn't it?

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Jewish Shop Owners Are Beaten Up

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