Sue Grays Report. ?

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anneasquith | 16:54 Thu 27th Jan 2022 | News
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As above. Will we see it soon ?


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mystic meg - she say
I have cast the runes and they signal an imminent publicaaaaaaation

almond eye but I cant do the over applied make up bit
No one here can possibly answer that. Excitement getting to you, Anne?
^^^ spluttered my coffee there Naomi :o)
No one here can possibly answer that. Excitement getting to you, Anne?
It will be out soon enough Anne

naomi is looking to deflect from the latest on Sky News :

More bad poll numbers for Johnson
As reported here earlier, the Conservatives have fallen further behind Labour in a newly released opinion poll.
But separate figures released by the same polling firm, IpsosMORI, make more grim reading for the prime minister.
They indicate 61% of Britons believe the Tories should change their leader before the next election - up from 42% in the summer.
The equivalent figure for Keir Starmer has dropped from 50% to 37%.
Mr Johnson now has a net -46 approval rating - worse than Blair, Cameron and May at their lowest levels of popularity.

But this is a man who rallied the country allegedly !
It was Corbyn who rallied the country to NOT get behind him

I haven’t seen Sky news, sticky, but the papers are reporting that the ruling body has refused to reinstate Corbyn as a Labour MP.
Question Author
I see the groupies are coming in twos now :-)
Ahhh, you and sticky eh, Anne? Sweet. : o)
Sweet. : o)

i know I should not rake over ABers betises and ridicule their more obvious shortcomings but - - - wasnt there someone last night complaining to Itch that icons were unworthy of him, the first sign of dementia and so on .....

and here we have a day later, an er outbreak on another thread

Sue Gray's report - that is a grey area but I am told the forthright girl is calling her working copy - One Shade of Gray
Tut tut! You’ve not been paying attention, pp. :o)
Annesquith ..not forgetting Boris is Sue Grays Boss ,so the report will obviously be in Boris's favour But why does it take her and a team of six others to investigate Boris's lies,,?
Question Author
One wonders if it will be watered down in boris favour ?
She's investigating all the alleged COVID-related transgressions by the politicians and Civil Servants in Whitehall and Downing Street, not only the Prime Minister.
//But why does it take her and a team of six others to investigate Boris's lies,,//
Surely you want to be sure they leave no stone unturned and dont get fobbed off so its good its a thorough review so they get to the bottom of it.
We both support Keir .... Kier was pressing for a full enquiry and his got his wish which is good.
If it was just a 24 hour quick review that gave you the wrong result am sure youd of asked why it werent a much wider investigation by a bigger team

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Sue Grays Report. ?

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