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We're never going to know if it actually works, are we?
well I've always hated chewing gum and chewers of gum but fair enough if it works.
Only if somebody has chewed the gum and then gets Covid.You cannot prove a negative i.e proof that a user did not catch Covid due to chewing the gum.
That's what i meant, Danny.
What are the ingredients, does it say?
Question Author
I suppose it could work, but agree there is no way you will know unless you test it out on a large area of population and see if Covid numbers rapidly fall. I hate chewing gum and really dislike seeing people chewing it.
As a serial gummist I welcome this development from Spain, depending on the costa.
Question Author
Barsel. Apparently three natural acids which reduced the pH level in your mouth deactivating the virus!!
Question Author
Perhaps you have to stick some up your nose as well!
Question Author
Ha ha Douglas.
Ha ha Doug and ha ha Lottie, stick it up your nose indeed.
I think Hopkirks calling you a chicken.
∆∆ sorry wrong thread ∆∆
OK thanks dusty puss

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Spanish News! Chewing Gum!

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