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well there are some plonkers out there! ouch!
Feel ill reading this. What idiots.
I love the way halfway down the page it says:

“ Princess Beatrice and Eugenie 'devastated' as royal duties now 'impossible', says expert”
Poor bloke
C’mon, we’ve all been there.
Darwin Award candidates?
Took me 4 attempts to read the link as my eyes wouldn't stop watering :-J When they did, i couldn't get my head around it - yes, i know, he did! He put the straw of the can inside his urethra and she 'accidentally' pushed the discharge button? So the straw was attached to the can? Was she intending to 'take the can', too????
The story goes on to say the man is homeless. He's so dumb he probably forgot where he lives.
Some of those photographs remind me of my Fish and Chip shop before the salt and vinegar is applied.
That's just put everyone off fish 'n' chips for life, sqad :-))
I am not easily shocked having seen a lot by aged 50 but this actually shocked me !!
I was thinking more of what's inside a Dalek when you take the lid off:-)
That expanding foam is good for filling cracks and cavities mind.
Using insulating foam as a sex aid brings a whole new meaning to willie warmer.
There really is no limit to what stupid people will do given the right equipment and some spare time.

I am sure I am not alone when I say that I winced a fair bit reading the link, and will try not to think of it when it comes to tea time!
I was wondering, Screwfix or Toolstation?
Gross! To go through all that when one little blue pill could have done the job.
He waited three weeks…………

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