Afghan Evacuation Hullabaloo

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fender62 | 17:09 Tue 07th Dec 2021 | News
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do these complainers want to transfer the population of afghanistan to the uk, im thinking about the illegals and the dinghy arrivals already here and making there way right now, just how many people do the complainers want to bring to the uk, but you can bet once we have civil unrest because of all the ilegals, the moaners will be emigrating.


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Yes they do. Most follow the Bliar ideas of destroying the British way of life.
They (?) are even evacuating animals we didn't rescue now!

Let them stay home & sort out their own problems instead of changing the UK into Britainstan.
> Top Foreign Office mandarin tells shocked MPs he stayed on holiday for ELEVEN DAYS even AFTER Kabul fell as he tries to defend Afghan evacuation shambles after whistleblower revealed WFH civil servants refused to do overtime while allies were left to die

All you need is the last five words: "allies were left to die"

It's almost like we didn't know we were pulling out and how many allies that would "leave to die". Just take your holiday at the same time ...
Prince William, said they are more than welcome and should look forward to settling down in the UK and look forward to a new life.....
.......But not in the grounds of Kensington Palace of course....
"Yes they do. Most follow the Bliar ideas of destroying the British way of life."

oh for goodness sake... do you honestly believe that? where is your proof?

people can disagree with you without wanting to destroy your way of life you know!!!
in the case of afghanistan we have a moral responsibility in my opinion... we played a part in ballsing that country up and our government is not blameless when it comes to the disaster there... I think we owe those people.
"Let them stay home & sort out their own problems"

how would you suggest a random Afghan person go about "sorting out" the taliban?
//in the case of afghanistan we have a moral responsibility in my opinion//

Russia spent years there before the UK/USA. What about their moral responsibiliy?
Allies were murdered because we pulled out and left them behind. The very reason they were murdered is that they were like us, not like the Taliban.
Russia did not cause the present situation as far as I know... they left more than 30 years ago... if I am wrong then they have responsibility too, it isn't just us of course!!
//All you need is the last five words: "allies were left to die"??

Whose words were they and who were the allies? Raphael Marshall? Another disgruntled 5th column junior civil serpent. Has he just had a disiplinary warning or a bad annual review? What we should be doing is sending help there not bring trouble here. Britain evacuated 15,000 of them in 2 weeks with no notice from Slo Jo, which is more than any other Nation apart from the US who caused the debacle. We saved some doggies though.
Togo, your rudeness does not win arguments, it just turns people off.
Ahhh it appears that our Raphael "left his job" in September. Anyone know why?
No but your deceitful posts cause them. Shut up or post your opinion regading the op.
Britain cannot house all the worlds outcasts / economic migrants - wake up & smell the coffee folks!
Is this the first you've heard that we left allies behind to die, Togo? There have been quite a few other reports of it, between then and now ...
Were we responsible for every Afghan who decided to leave and contracted to supply transport? Most adult watchers soon realised that all the panic stricken Afghans couldn't possibly get on an aeroplane. Is this the first time that you have realised that?

P.S. if they died it was not G.B. that carried out the deed. Have you voiced your concern to the taliban terrorists? If so what did they say?
17,000 Afghans applied for "asylum", in September, to European Countries. No figures as yet for Oct., Nov., or this month. I have a sneaky feeling that the applications won't be going down. Latest predictions are that 3 million Afghans are intending to migrate without papers. We're gonna need a bigger plane. At this rate I could single handedly invade and conquer the hell hole mysely. There will be no one there.
Atheist, you make a habit of criticising other people’s behaviour so forgive me for suggesting you check your own.
Lessons will be learned?

"Afghanistan is easy to march into, but hard to march out of."

Alexander The Great.

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Afghan Evacuation Hullabaloo

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