Thomas Hughes Has Been Attacked In Segregation!

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Smowball | 20:06 Tue 07th Dec 2021 | News
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Breaking News Jordan McCann Has Attacked Thomas Hughes In Jail in the segregation where he was been kept for his own protection.( the father of poor child Arthur)

Reports suggest Thomas is in a critical condition .



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I think it's a hoax
Question Author
Is it?
Good, bound to happen at some time, if it wasn't that rapper bloke it would be someone else. Wonder if one of the warders forgot to lock Hugh's cell !
Shame, that would have been nice just in time for Christmas.
couldn't have happened to a more deserving bloke.
There are always a lot of rumours flying round about McCann - he has a lot of sick groupies cheering him on

In September he was rumoured to have died,
Question Author
‘Accidentally’ of course Tony…….. ; )
What a shame you've all had some disappointment.
What a shame Arthur isn't here to open his Christmas presents.
Couldn't agree more with that statement, poor little soul.

However, me having murderous thoughts won't bring him back or make me feel any better.

We're all different.
I wouldn't like to see Hughes murdered either. I'd like him to suffer I won't deny it, but I hope he spends the rest of his miserable life facing up to what he did.
Question Author
I think murdering him gives him the easy way out - I’d rather he suffered.
I'd rather he suffered also. Everyday he needs reminding why he is, where he is.
I fear my response is being misunderstood.

I don;t wish him peace and happiness while he serves his sentence, anything but, but I cannot let myself be infected with thoughts of violence and/or hate - that's how it breeds.
I don’t wish pain and suffering on anyone. A short sharp lethal injection would make the world a better place.
I understood you perfectly Mamya.

I'd call a lethal injection the painless, but easy way out.
It doesn’t matter pasta. Nothing will eradicate the pain that little boy suffered and nothing will bring him back. Get rid.
I'd go with that, naomi. If someone has attacked him - well, a baser part of me says 'good'. But that person will himself now suffer for acting in a way that the majority of the population will applaud. Much better if there were a quiet, judicially approved, method of ending an evil person. Oh, dear.
I need to do a lot of thinking about this, but whoever attacked him will suffer. Complex.

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Thomas Hughes Has Been Attacked In Segregation!

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