Liverpool Murder Arrests After 12 Year Old Girl Stabbed To Death

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naomi24 | 13:46 Sat 27th Nov 2021 | News
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This is the most dreadful story. The boys arrested are aged between 13 and 15. One child dead and other young lives ruined or, at the very least, blighted.

I don’t have more words….just profound sadness.


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A child has been murdered and the best AB can offer is more petty bickering and grandstanding? Shame. RIP Ava. My thoughts are with her family and friends.
18:36 Sat 27th Nov 2021
bednobs - // The utter irony of andyhughes made me choke. As you are very fond of repeating if anyone dares to point out innanity in your posts Andy people are welcome to post what yhey like unless it contravenes Site Rules. And if they think it does they are free to report it. Personally I would prefer to read some of Peters gobbledegook than you and name having a face off where it seems like the only point is to go on and on till you have the last word. Peters posts may ruin a thread for you, but belive me your posts often ruin a thread for me and I just find it nauseating you complain about someone else doing what YOU do far moregularly. //

I am unsure why youf felt the need to state the obvious, and spend so long doing so.

Of course I understand Peter's right to post as he wishes, it's the same as mine, and yours, and we also have the right to call each other on any posts to which we object, as did I, and as did you.

Therefore, if we all accept that we are all using our free speech rights to criticise posts as and when we see fit, then you have nothing to complain about, so your post was a waste of space.
Lacy CG - // And for irony, read stinking hypocrisy... //

Once again I have the accusation of hypocrisy levelled at me, and once again I suggest that it is from someone who is rather keener to be offensive, that to first check that they understand the meaning of their insult, before shotting it out scattergun style.

I can see no hypocrisy in me criticising Peter's post - we all have the right to criticise each others' views as we see fit, as I did, and as you have, so I fail to see your issue.

By all means take issue over me about anything I say, that is absolutely right and proper, but by the same rule, I am taking issue with your use of the term hypocrisy, when it is not appropriate.
Surely the place to condemn any other aber is NOT on a post about the murder of a 12 year old child ?
anne - // Surely the place to condemn any other aber is NOT on a post about the murder of a 12 year old child ? //

Where else would you suggest?

The post I objected to was made on this thread, I can think of no better palce to offer my view on it, than on the same thread.

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