Cisgender Radiators Outrage

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fender62 | 22:44 Mon 18th Oct 2021 | News
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when reading this article i was thinking is this story made up, are there really people like the guy in the article out there in the real world, how does he manage in public spaces.. petrified of men..really or his personal space...


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He's Radio, been ok if the plumbers had worn dresses though !
What did he think they would do? Install straight male radiators? Idiot.
I won't mock him, he sounds unwell.
I don't know Mamya, is stupid a disease?
///A significant portion of students choose to live in Baldwin because they are victims of sexual assault or abuse, have suffered past invasions of privacy, or have some other reason to fear cisgender men.///

Sounds like a reasonable complaint.
@1.43 ‘sounds like a reasonable complaint’ - jeez!
Has some people here misunderstood the story? It's nothing to do with the gender of radiators.
Jno sums it up well. Might see odd to us but not to those living in fear ( and yes am sure some 'look at me type's wanting to be offended- just like some on AB look to be offended))
Cis gender men = men.

I would take umbrage I’d somebody referred to me as a cis gender man when just man is perfectly adequate…and normal.
Oooo …. You’re taking your chances there deskdiary. I object to the cisgender label
too - normal works well enough - but that seems to ruffle feathers in some quarters.

How did he know the men
were just normal men?
The view I take Naomi is that now that people are allowed to identify however they choose, and woe betide anybody who gets a pronoun wrong otherwise people will get arsey, then my identity is male, and I'm allowed to get equally arsey if I'm referred to as cis male.
Couldn't agree more DD, I take total offence at this mans name calling. A man is a man and a woman is a woman.

This oddball has probably trashed his chances of any decent employment. Doubt they would even have him flipping burgers.

I wonder if he would have preferred to freeze, and did anyone else complain and refer to them by a derogatory name?
Maybe by the way they dressed and the lack of make-up.
I hope they installed non-gender specific radiators, otherwise this young person will be traumatised throughout their whole time at college.
for goodness sake cisgender, why not just men or women ,why do they have to label everything these days .
I couldn't agree more, deskdiary.
Seems simple to me. "Cisgender describes a person whose gender identity is the same as their sex assigned at birth. The word cisgender is the antonym of transgender"
Its ot a word I use in everyday life infact this may be the first time but for those who get hung up on gender labels a cisgender man is someone who was born male and is still male so ruls out someones whose changed gender (or is it sex)
Bob @ 6:39 - I know, I was taking the pee.
I personally have no difference with "cis" being used. I don't see it as any different than "gay" or "straight".
I need a 'safe space' away from all these weirdos !!!

Probably be removed.
Coming to a school or college near you soon.

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Cisgender Radiators Outrage

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