Is The Care Industry Particularly Festooned With Anti Vaxers?

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ToraToraTora | 08:26 Thu 16th Sep 2021 | News
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"The average salary for a Carer is £21,400 gross per year (£9.20 net per hour)"

Minimum wage £ 18,532 pa ( £8.91 per hour )

Hardly surprising there is a labour shortage.

Pixie With covid, that doesn't apply... it only benefits the person who has had it.//

That is total rubbish. A non-vaccinated person could go home, catch covid from their kids and bring it into the care hom
My mother went into a care home for respite care with minor breathing and mobility problems, and within a month had contracted and died from Covid. (negative test when admitted, weekly tests thereafter until positive one). If she had caught it from an unvaccinated carer, then the home would be in dire sheet, I can tell you that now.
What if she caught it from a double-vaccinated carrier?
//A non-vaccinated person could go home, catch covid from their kids and bring it into the care home//

A vaccinated carer could go home, catch it and bring it back to the care home.
"Adults who have been fully vaccinated against
SARS-CoV-2 can carry the same viral load of the delta
variant as those who are unvaccinated, a preliminary
analysis of UK data suggests."

Yes, I am really sorry to see that, apg- but just as possible from a vaccinated carer.
Vaccines like MMR etc, also prevent it being passed on, but covid vaccine doesn't.
My own personal view, is that vulnerable people right now, are far more at risk from lack of carers, than from covid,itself.
SevenOP, the average for UK seems to be around £19k per year- £10 an hour. Nights and weekends no longer have enhancements, due to lack of money... and care homes are paying at least twice as much to agencies, who don't know the residents or the job, to try to cover the shortfall.
Also, apg, that's why I advocate testing, more than vaccines. Certainly our local ones, have done lateral tests on every carer before a shift. Which if positive, means that worker is sent home,and needs to do the NHS test. That's the only reason we realised my daughter had got it.
Being negative, is much more important, than vaccine status.
What exactly is an Anti Vaxxer?

Often it seems to be used as a derogatory term for those that dont want or need a vaccine which is totally wrong since they are not against the vaccine just they dont feel they need it. And if they are young they dont.

Having the vaccine does NOT stop you passing it on, hence this rule is nonsense.

One of my daughters works in a care home, many thanks to the ABer who inferred she is thick. I can tell you something she has more sense in her little finger than you possess.

And no she is not vaccinated, she is pregnant. Anyone out there who thinks a pregnant woman should be forced to have a vaccine? And on top of this she had covid during her first pregnancy. Mother and Baby are fine. But why does she need a vaccine, according to latest reports that is better than a vaccine?
Pixie 12:43. Bang on.
The Mater's home tends to support that view, Pixie - LTFs compulsory for everybody coming in through the front door, inc employees.
pixie I think you are getting things conflated here. All my adult life I have been a proponent of bodily agency and personal choice including making it possible for alcoholics to have their alcohol purchased for them by carers, ditto food choices made by diabetics in the face of the staff and relatives who were relieved that the diabetes could now be better controlled because the choice to live on chocolate and cake was being removed from the person. BUT we all know that choices have consequences...the alcoholic and the diabetic did.
Being a proponent of choice doesn't mean choice at all costs.

Secondly being vaccinated does help to stop the spread of covid

I really am amazed that people in a care setting would not want to to their best for the people they care for.
PS being vaccinated doesn't mean that testing is ruled out
Fine woof, let them all leave and you can sign up to do the job on their crap salary.

And the vaccine doesnt stop the spread, it MAY reduce it (Depending on which scientist is publishing this week)
Woof, I think you are conflating things. Diabetes and so on, is about the person themselves, and even they, aren't and shouldn't be coerced to do something against their will.
My daughter was 4/5 months pregnant when she got covid in December- and had been advised, not to be jabbed while pregnant. Things change... and she has had it since she had the baby.
But, we are also looking at boosters, for some people as well, soon. Anyone who has had 2 vaccinations this year... and it has been ineffective enough to need a third... doesn't show great confidence in it.
Ultimately, each to their own.
3 of the vaccinated people i mentioned earlier... have transferred to a home, where they are guaranteeing not to discriminate about vaccine status. Interesting to see what happens there.
Literally millions of people have been vaccinated and how many of those have died because of the vaccine? Directly from the vaccine? A handful if that. Other reported deaths shortly after being given the vaccine (around 1000) have been proved to be inevitable deaths of compromised patients over the age of 90 who would probably have died within the same time frame had they not been given the vaccine.
If you can still pass covid on after having vaccine, can still die of covid after being vaccinated, why on earth are we bothering? And if so why has the death rate gone down so dramatically since the vaccination programme kicked in?
Question Author
APG: "If you can still pass covid on after having vaccine, can still die of covid after being vaccinated, why on earth are we bothering?" - because most do not die if they catch it after being vaccinated. That's the whole point.

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Is The Care Industry Particularly Festooned With Anti Vaxers?

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