A Strange Hobby For A Lady! ☺☺

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wolf63 | 16:04 Thu 24th Jun 2021 | News
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I wasn't sure where to post this -

• it is a News item, from a Newspaper
• but it could be a new Olympic sport
• Or it could be some nutty woman trying to prove that she is better than the boys

whatever the reason it seems a strange thing for anybody to do. :-) ☺☻


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If she ever says that she's got a crush on me, I'll be [i]veryi] worried ;-)
She completed an 8 week water melon crushing course. As you do.
Ooh, I could crush a grape... ;-)
silly season has started early
Bet she can stay on those indoor bucking bronco thingummyjigs a long time. She's just squeeze it 'til it broke :-)))
Question Author
I didn't get the Watermelon that I ordered with my Tesco shopping this morning and there was no suitable substitute. And this woman is just crushing them and throwing them away. And they say that "I'm" insane!!!


An unkind soul lisped "look at the thighth of that".
The world has gone mad. Didn’t you notice?
It's nothing new, someone sets a record and others try to top it year on year.

Certainly not the strangest challenge in the book.
I always wonder about the thought processes that go into something like this.

I can't imagine sitting there musing away, and then thinking "I wonder if i could crush melons with my thighs faster than anyone else ..."

Maybe I don't have enough spare time on my hands ...
Next time I'm contemplating a part time course, I'll ditch flower arranging, forensic genealogy or tudor history and consider what I might crush with my thighs.
It's what ever else she might try to crush with her thighs that set my eyes watering.

Still, each to their own. If she is happy then good for her.
could be a new TG sport.
Just one of the bizarre items in the Guinness Book of Records.
People enjoy trying to break obscure world records. The Guinness team record the weird and wonderful attempts.

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A Strange Hobby For A Lady! ☺☺

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