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Seventy3 | 21:33 Sun 13th Jun 2021 | News
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Such arrogance from the Junta! What are they going to do? Introduce more cabbage regs?


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The initial provision of the "Protocol" was that goods destined for NI as their final destination would be distinguished from those heading for the South and would suffer no impediments. This seems to have been abandoned.

This protocol was never going to work and should never have been signed. I don't know what makes the EU think vast quantities of contraband will cross the Irish Sea and contaminate their precious Single Market. If fact they don't think that at all - the Irish border problem was simply weaponised by the EU during the negotiations. Nobody has any intention of imposing a hard border in Ireland. The government should simply implement Article 16 and tell the EU that a smarter solution must be found. If they refuse simply leave them to set up their hard border and see how they get on.
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Indeed new judge, the whole "border" game was an EU hissy fit from the start. Doesn't seem to worry them at the Swiss or Norway Border. I just don't understand why they are being so difficult here.
There is talk of the EU setting tariffs. That does not solve the problem, it is sheer revenge. I would be interested to know just what goods the EU supplies to the UK that non-EU countries cannot.
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they do know that anything they do we can do too, right??
Abandon it all. WTO terms with the EU only - like the useless sack of merde should have done in the first place.
Unless/until the people of NI decide they want to unite with the Irish Republic NI should be treated the same as Scotland and Wales & the EU can go take a running jump.
This is quite funny really: for months if not years this issue was cited as the major stumbling block to leaving the EU: part of project fear. And surprise surprise so it has proved. In his haste to “get Brexit done” Johnson signed up to a deal he either didn’t understand or for which he didn’t care about the consequences, I’m not sure what’s worse. It’s true that the EU are playing harder ball over this than they should but the reason is that they simply do not trust Johnson nor his chief negotiator Lord Frost, who to be honest is a disgrace.
There is a compromise being offered for now: each side trusts the others checks, but for some reason Johnson won’t go with it, thus creating the suspicion that he’s looking for an excuse to blame the EU and throw the whole thing out. You can’t conduct international affairs like that.
The trust quota is already low: it would be rock bottom if that happened.
Most amusing of all is the attitude of the DUP, which seems to be blaming the EU when it’s a combination of their own inexplicable backing of Brexit plus covering for the humiliating reality that post the 2019 election they were impotent to influence the British government: it went from panicked phone calls between May and Foster to Johnson calmly breaking the promise he’d made to that party at their conference previously.
Now Foster has gone to be replaced by Paul Givan (assuming he’s not blocked by Sinn Fein, which seems like he might be)
Perhaps as a creationist he think he can sort it all out in six days and have a nice day off on the seventh ;-)

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E U "Patience Wearing Thin" - Ooo We Are Terrified!

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