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Deskdiary | 19:50 Sun 13th Jun 2021 | News
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There's lots of noises the Govt is going to be pathetic and buckle and delay freedom day.

According to the link below deaths have doubled to 8 (8, not 80 or 800 or 8,000 - but 8), and my health authority in SE England has not had a Covid death for 100 days - so 2 and a 1/2 months.

There is not a single meaningful reason for freedom day to be delayed, so why is it likely to happen?


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I wish people would just wait to see what's announced before moaning about it
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Sorry - not 2 and a half months; 3 and a half months - almost a third of a year without any Covid deaths.
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OK Bednobs, steer clear of this thread, and then come back tomorrow.
Freedom day for some. Don't give a toss about other people's welfare is another take on it.
Keep my businesws going for some. Don't give a toss about other people's welfare is another take on it.
Well it’s 100% certain now that all the restrictions don’t be lifted.
Plainly people who know more than the OP would disagree with him.
The idea is to at all costs avoid actually going into reverse. That was always the case.
Nothing has changed
A few weeks ago the number of new cases of Covid-19 reported each day fell below 1,000. It's now around 7,500 and rising very steeply indeed, as we move into a "substantial third wave". (Those are the words of Professor Andrew Hayward, not mine):

The figures aren't solely about deaths but also about the number of people in hospital (as high number still put the NHS under enormous strain, even if most people can be prevented from dying). A couple of weeks ago, the number of people in hospital was around 900 but that figure has started to rise in line with the increased number of infections and is currently around 1100. That matters not only to people with Covid-19 (and to their families) but also to the five million people on NHS waiting lists, including the 400,000 who've already seen their surgery pit back by at least a year.
Two words. Delta variant
Far more transmissible
Young people who catch it ARE becoming sick
Too early to be sure of the effectiveness of the vaccine. ( not enough cases yet and not long enough since it was first recorded)
A further four weeks will give greater clarity as to the risks.

In the great scheme of things four more weeks is hardly a long time.
// young people who catch it ARE becoming sick//

and? so they are getting sick -like they caught the Flu?

How many young people without underlyining health issues have died of Covid? How many young people without underlying health issues have died of Annual Influenza?

Its about time people started to realise that Covid is NOT a death sentence for most people and we will probably have to live with it for a very long time.
The irony is that most of us are going to have carry on with these restrictions because (in many cases) of the behaviour of those who've not stuck to the rules and guidance. How else are so many people catching it again?
The Indian variant is just that. It affects Indians and Bangladeshis who went back to India for religious festivals etc, then they were given a five day window to come back to the UK. Not only that, they brought back relatives away from the horrors of Indians when we had no vaccine. They refused vaccinations and social distancing. Now, the rest of us who did everything we were told, stayed at home. Have not seen my daughter and her children since Christmas 2019! Had 3 holidays cancelled! Had my two jabs. Why can I not see my family? The figures are less than last year when we had no vaccine, yet we are locked down! This is outrageous!
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"In the great scheme of things four more weeks is hardly a long time."

Will it "just" be four weeks though?

What would you say to the businesses and their employees if "just" another 4 weeks forces them under? I assume that's acceptable collateral damage that mortgages, rent will go unpaid, and people losing their jobs won't be able to feed their kids?

Nice one mate - that's good of you.
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Atheist, as per, displays shocking ignorance of why the current absurdity is being accepted by people who can’t think.
DD, as you're one who thinks, no doubt you'll be aware there is a lag between getting COVID and being admitted to hospital.

You'll also be aware of a longer lag between infection and death so those eight deaths in a day were most likely from infections weeks ago.
I may have read this wrong but does carolgif think the delta variant can only be caught by indians and pakistanis? Is that the same as saying the kent variant can only be caught by those coming from kent?
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Unlike everybody else on AB THECORBYLOON, I’m
No expert on COVID, so I just simply apply a ltitle common sense that the threat is low, particularly given the success of the vaccination roll-out.

Perhaps you should as well.
DD; I don't think it will be just four weeks. The four weeks is just Johnson's way of pretending that four weeks is a real thing. I think the real thing is that they need four weeks to give them time to gather info on how bad or well things are going. If well, they will relax the lockdown; if not, they will stick to the data and keep the restrictions in place. What else can he do?
// I just simply apply a ltitle common sense that the threat is low,//
The public health professionals and scientists have come to a different more informed decision.
//I wish people would just wait to see what's announced before moaning about it//

DD's moans are well founded, bednobs. We've been softened up for tomorrow's disgraceful announcement for more than two weeks. I would be flabbergasted if the restrictions were lifted.

Let's see where we are.

At present, new infection figures show that about one in 1,400 people are contracting the virus every seven days. Of those about 1 in 50 will be hospitalised, so about one person in every 70,000 will end up in hospital. Of those, roughly one in 15 will unfortunately die. So we're looking currently at about 63 deaths a week from Covid out of a total (from all causes) of around 11,500. So every week 63 people (0.54%) are dying from Covid and 11,437 (99.46%) are dying from other causes (many of which are a result of conditions which have remained undiagnosed or untreated because of the restrictions imposed over the last fifteen months). And this is what's being used to justify the continued destruction of people's health, wellbeing and the economy.

Might it get worse? Indeed it might. But it seems this government - if only it would openly admit it - is pursuing an absolutely ludicrous "zero Covid" policy. The goalposts for removing restrictions are no longer being moved. The players have been taken off the pitch and the game abandoned. For so long as this virus is around (which will be forever) infections will rise and fall. The public is being treated contemptuously and if restrictions are not removed tomorrow the likelihood is that they never will be. Softening up v2 is already beginning to manipulate the public for the the next extension of restrictions in a month's time. The government should come clean - but that's a forlorn hope.
Public health england said on june 11th, in the Metro, that there were 42,323 cases of the delta variant. 12 people had died after having both jabs and 83 had tested positive and gone to hospital, also after having both jabs. I don't do links and please don't try to tell me how because I wont understand the instructions.
I do believe the situation is becoming ridiculous. There seems to be a proportion of people that are enjoying things as they are and would be happy for it to continue.

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