How Much Notice Do They Want?

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Seventy3 | 23:21 Sun 13th Jun 2021 | News
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The UK voted to leave the EU 5 years ago!


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I'm unclear whether enough publicity has been given to these people, many of whom have been here a long time.

I may well have missed the public announcements.
I can’t imagine why EU citizens who have taken up residence in this country wouldn’t have made an effort to find out how Brexit might affect them. There was enough publicity - wrong as it happened - about EU citizens being turfed out after Brexit. No one could have missed that - surely?
Not sure what the fuss is all about. If you get a knock at the door simply kick off, attracting a crowd of green-haired 'activists' and other pillars of the community to chase the bad men away.

The evening news will scare any politicians thinking of intervening
back into their holes.

I realise it's not the same as removing failed asylum seekers and overstayers but the principle's the same.
classic, head in the sand and it'll go away mentality.
The settlement scheme hasn’t been around for 5 years. More like about one

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How Much Notice Do They Want?

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