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Please can I just ask a question ?

What is so important about this , that makes it a leader in the news headlines today ?
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I dont know Baz, but it is and I found this claim amusing.

I am not a football fan at all, rugby was my game until they started taking the knee. Now I dont watch that either.
It is clear that everyone involved in the ESL were in a reality distortion bubble that stopped them comprehending how bad the idea was.
Blaming its collapse on Boris Johnson shows how deluded they were. The may be massively rich and have £Billions, but they have been utterly brainless.

But I guess if you have the gross stupidity to think that this nonsense was ever going to fly, it's not a massive stretch to blame the outcome on the British government, even though the outcome would have been identical if Boris Johnson had not said one word.
I dont get it,its just a game,not life and death,why is it even on the governments agenda.the mind boggles.
well if it is the fault of brexit then that's an unexpected bonus.
so Brexit has led directly to the collapse of footie?
it is not the only thing its done I can tell you
// I dont get it,its just a game,not life and death,//
yeah foo you dont ( get it)
footie is not a matter of life and death - it is much more important than that ( shankly I think)

do all ABers spend their off screen time asleep

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So The Collapse Of The Super League Is The Fault Of Brexit.

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