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Daily Mirror Titanic Article - April 20, 1912

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patrickstar | 08:55 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | News
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Sorting through my late fathers possessions I have come across a an 8 page Daily Mirror article regarding the Titanic. It is dated April 20 1912, with Edition Number 2,649.
May I take it that this is a Daily Mirror Special that was produced sometime more recently, probably on some anniversary date or the tragic event?
Did the Daily Mirror publish any such article?
I just want to sort the wheat from the chaff, though I will probably frame it regardless as it is both quite iconic and nostalgic in itself.
Thank you


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i think the mirror printed a centenary article in 2012 re the titanic
Wow, that's amazing. Might be worth something.
Question Author
Thanks for the links but these cover 'articles/specials' of the actual Titanic sinking. The item I have found was for a few days later and covered those who were onboard, both crew and passengers.
Question Author
Hi barry1010, fantastic picture to assist me in explaining. Thank you.
It is the top right article, showing the officer with his back to the camera along with the ladies and the baby. Again, its all for no other reason than just nice to know as it would have been a strange thing for my father to keep in relation to what his interests were and his other belongings. Thanks again.
It is interesting :) A repro of that particular edition is on Amazon for £10. I'd like to know if the Mirror gave away this series of issues at a later date, too.
I would frame a photograph
if it ianything like My boy cornwell paper
it is alread fritting
and sunlight will finishthe job
It may well be
I would ring an auction house

times report on waterloo cam up a cfew years ago
but I cant remember what it went for - few hundred I think

same sale as I got Mortons first anaesthetic 1846 - off print

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Daily Mirror Titanic Article - April 20, 1912

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