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Good idea, the whole world needs to get on board with this pronto.
IN a major boost for Spanish tourism, Didier Reynders, the European commissioner for justice, told MEPs on Tuesday, April 13 that he expects vaccine passport trials to begin at the start of June with the aim of having the whole system up and running by the 21st. Spain had originally hoped to have passports in place by May 31 in a bid to welcome visitors sooner, but that target date has since been scrapped.

so not quite yet.. what about here.
frankly it's inevitable once all the hand wringing over civil liberties cobras as been done, anyone with half a brain will conclude it's the only way to get the world back to something resembling normal.
Question Author
Hopefully the idea is still on the table Emmie
Question Author
Too many liberal hand wringers here I’m afraid Emmie
we will see, the government hasn't said when we might have them, and if Europe do, then we will have no choice but to follow suit.
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Either that or stay at home but I can also see the hospitality sector asking for proof of insurance here too , and yes, a QR code to scan at the start of your stay
I don’t really see how that is supposed to work. When it comes down to it, travel will be based on a country’s perception of how safe it is to allow inbound travel weighed against the need for tourist revenue.
For example, most countries already I’d have thought demand evidence of insurance and a negative test. That’s your “passport” there already
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I think you may well have to produce your health insurance on arrival ich, whereas you don’t at presents
How is that a “passport” tho?

It’s the opposite surely

Many countries like i say already demand insurance already.
It’s a more sensible and practical idea than the test tbh
I can see it might make some sort of sense within the Schengen area, which currently does not require a normal passport to travel.
For everyone else tho ...
i will be fascinated to see if the EU accepts the English scheme.
The UK scheme presumably will not include travel insurance - so, no if they require that
What’s likely to happen is that individual countries, or maybe the EU en bloc if they have a common system, will assess the threat from individual countries and allow citizens of those countries in based on a balance of risk versus economic considerations ,
A bit like what happened the last time.
And people still got horribly caught out
I don't understand anyone refusing the vaccine when there is no medical reason. They're just being pig headed, trying to prove a point. No vaccine, no vaccine passport, freedoms restricted, end of.
Although I don't follow their thinking, with all the bad press about different vaccine side-effects I'm not in the least surprised some don't want to have it, I don't see them as pig-headed at all.
I get the idea behind it but I dont think it is at all doable.

Firstly are there are people who cant have a vaccine? If so then thats immediately discriminatory, second doing this is coercing people to have a chemical injected into their body they perhaps dont want, again watch the law suits fly.

And of course what about all the people that arrive by private boat, or in the case of mainland Europe car. How is that going to work or is it another one of One rule for the rich and one rule for the poor?

And on top of that, how are they proposing to vaccinate 6Bn people. If you fail to offer it to every single person then again watch the law suits fly.

Note: I have had the vaccine.

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Vaccine Passports Are Here ......Well In Europe They Are

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