Who'd Want To Be French In Pakistan?

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ToraToraTora | 14:37 Thu 15th Apr 2021 | News
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...looks like TROP is at it again!


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I wouldn't want to be French in France.
16:36 Thu 15th Apr 2021
They will never change.
Who would want to be in Pakistan full stop (apart from Pakistanis)?
not a place i would ever consider going to, besides we have quite an contingent here, who needs to travel there.
how to ensure you don't end up being relieved of your head - don't diss the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم). simples.
wouldn't dream of it.
I wouldn't want to be French in France.
ha ha,
personne !
there arent any Frenchies in Pakistan are there
live ones I mean haw haw haw
en francais - eed eez more than urge
more like - drop everything and partez !

France vingt-quatre - available on you tube
i wonder what would have happened if the pictures were printed here and boris said yea good idea, freesom and all that.
Merci. TTT. :))
oh come on
once you have seen one persons head hacked off it is very much like another...

Beeb have got it right I think - all the froggies say that laicete is different and kinda stronger than just secularism
( big movement in the 1890s)
Laicite means that the state doesn't persecute one religion in the name of another; all religions are supposed to be free from state interference (unless their religion involves persecuting other religions); that's why the USA is a secular state (LOL).
...And all state law is meant to be free from religious interference.
Who'd want to be anything in Pakistan.
Bottom of places I would want to visit.

Liek the BA!
youngmafbog, there backward thinking faith keeps them the way they are, but not pakistanis think this way, there government should not give sway to religious zealots, but they do and everthing remains status kills there artists of all forms, like bees listening to the queen..some live most die.. very sad.

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Who'd Want To Be French In Pakistan?

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