Alternative Vaccines For Under Thirties

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Bazile | 17:02 Wed 07th Apr 2021 | News
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Why is the under thirties being offered an alternative to the AZ vaccine .

Isn't that going to dent confidence in the AZ ?


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Have I missed something completely as I've not really been following. How do they know that the younger people are more prone to blood clots when the young have not been given any vaccines yet? Plus I haven't see (how old) the people are that have either died or had problems with clots.
the young and vulnerable may have been vaccinated, TC.

The review by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) found:

The 79 cases and 19 deaths occurred after 20 million doses were administered - giving a risk of about four in one million of developing a blood clot, and one in a million of dying
Nearly two-thirds of the cases of rare clots were seen in women
The people who died were aged between 18 and 79, with three of them aged under 30
All the recorded cases occurred after the first dose, although the lower number of second doses meant it was not possible to draw any conclusions from this
Am not sure there saying there more at risk teacake. Theres not even any proper evidence that the vaccinne is the cause. Theres been something like 30 blood clots out of 25 million vaccinnated peopel in UK and of these something like 7 deaths. However someone did say the risks for under 30s are higher tho still very low compared to say risk of dying in a car. If they have analysed it by age it must be a tiny sample with big margin of error as as you say so few has had the jab in the under 30s, just NHS / carers or those with some conditions
Thanks ^
crossed posts. jno has the uptodate details. My figures were mentioned on radio last night but figures now are higher
The risk is very very small. The benefits far outweigh the risk. So why are the Government advising the under 50s not to have the jab?
The risk to under 30's of COVID is very small - so why recommend any jab?

I suspect you may have a point in your earlier post though sunk. It's another case of 'a good day to bury bad news' fromt eh Government.
[email protected] 20.42, Don't tell TTT .
//The risk to under 30's of COVID is very small - so why recommend any jab?//

Because there the group 18-30s that are more likely to be superspreaders because of the way they tend to gather in larger groups, socialise, party, get drunk/high and forget social distancing, have several sex partners.
The more it spreads the more likely there is to be mutations and the longer the disease will keep moving around.
They can infect families, parents, vunerable people if they work in the care sector, workmates, pregnant women, people on public transport.
Without covid vaccinnes for under 30s theres likely to be a 3rd wave and the restrictions lifted in June may need to be put back in place.

Under 30s are very unlikeley to die of covid but can still get long covid and need hospital treatment for covid.

Am certain the risk of blood clots to under 30s from AZ vaccinne is far less than the known higher risks of blood clots from the pill for under 30s but no-one says we should ban the pill. The beinifits outweigh the risk.

Using Moderna until the science actually decides AZ is safe enough after all seem's a sensible way forward as it ensures AZ and Pfizer supplies can go first to the older ones needing there second jab.

If you catch Covid, bob, you shouldn't really need a vaccine.
Well, that's the way things have always worked in the past. I know this Gov. like to treat Covid differently. Doesn't necessarily make them right.

You are aware that you can still spread COVID even with the vaccine? - source NHS website. So your rubbish about super spreaders (there is no such thing) is null and void.

As for so called 'long covid' the risk for 18-30 is minimal and probably no more than risks of side effects (also minimal)

//Am certain the risk of blood clots to under 30s from AZ vaccinne is far less than the known higher risks of blood clots from the pill for under 30s but no-one says we should ban the pill. //

How many more times, the problem with the blood clots from OAZ is because they are in the brain, the pill does NOT do this.

You really have been taken by this COVID worship, try reading a bit wider than the propaganda put out and understand the real problems not the scaremongering.

The primary reason for vaccinating anyone is to protect the person. Not to stop the spread.
That’s why they’ve offered an alternative to under 30s: the risk of dying from the disease is not worth it compared to the risk from the vaccine. Otherwise it would be less important.
That’s also why it’s considered possibly unethical to vaccinate children, simply to stop them spreading it
Since these vaccines come about the powers that be have continued, and insisted that the vaccines are (safe) should the word safe now be dropped? yes I already know the odds of getting blood clots, but you can't claim that a product is safe, if it has killed.
No of course the word “safe” shouldn’t be dropped.
It appears as safe as any medicine.
However it’s quite new and it’s being rolled out at a probably unprecedented rate. Medical research wants to find out exactly the nature of the risks, which is only right. But statistically it’s safer than lots of things we do every day without a second thought.
It doesn't matter if the under the thirties so spread the virus, the rest of us will be vaccinated so there isn't a problem.
Teacake, thousands of under 30s have had the jab, due to work. Just now, they seem to have a greater risk of blood clots, but a lower risk of suffering badly from covid, so the positive/negative ratio is different.
The Pill is different, bobbin, in that pregnancy is much more likely to cause blood clots than the Pill. Where in younger people, covid is less likely to cause them than the vaccine.
Jno, how many of those women with blood clots, were also on the Pill?
//but you can't claim that a product is safe, if it has killed.//

Hmm, if we did that then I dont think there would be much medicine left, remember even eating peanuts (not a medicine) kills. Would you classify peanuts as unsafe.

And I will put my money where my mouth is, I will still have my second OAZ jab in May.
A ridiculously low risk of a blood clot yet some are paranoid about it. They need to get a grip and just get the jab for goodness sake.

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Alternative Vaccines For Under Thirties

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