Alternative Vaccines For Under Thirties

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Bazile | 17:02 Wed 07th Apr 2021 | News
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Why is the under thirties being offered an alternative to the AZ vaccine .

Isn't that going to dent confidence in the AZ ?


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Because what the review shows is that the "rare" clotting problem is exclusively in the under 30's so they will be offered the Pfizer or Modern vaccine.

We will have to wait and see is my answer to your last question.
Boy #1 (20 years old) had the Pfizer but I don’t know if it was anything to do with the clotting issue. He had it weeks ago, with the second one due next week,
Make taking it a more acceptable risk? They have a very slim chance of dying from Covid.
is that true about under 30s? I thought it was just because the risks start to outweigh the benefits as you go down the age scale. I'm not sure the clotting probs have been exclusively in under 30s
Both bednobs, the risk/benefit ratio is the highest in the under 30,s with the AZvaccine.
yes its the risk /benefit ratio thats higher for under 30s. Risk is the same AFAIK but the benefits are the same. Still it seems the benifits outweigh the risk's by alot but not as much as for us oldies
additionally there are thousands of us now who have had one dose and need the same vaccine for their second dose. In order to be SURE that there is enough for that, the unvaccinated younger folk will need to be offered something else. Its always been the plan to use multiple vaccines but not to give people a different second vaccine from their first except under certain unusual and tightly controlled circumstances.
There is a risk under-30s won't come forward in sufficient numbers otherwise.
It may be coincidence, but last month NHS England warned that doses of the OAZ vaccine would be constrained in mid April (Now). The plan was to replace it with the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for the under 50s.
Which is exactly what is happening. Possible blood clots are a convenient excuse to hide the shortfall.
The last thing they want to do is create a needless panic for ulterior motives
AZ vaccine is not available in sufficient quantity because AZ are fulfilling their contract to the EU.
The Government won’t want to admit that they don’t have enough vaccine for under 50s, so they are artificially capping demand for the AZ vaccine.
Your desperately trying to create a conspirocy sunk but we can see what your doing. No-one would be foolish enough to create fake news to suppress demand for this vaccinne and put the whole vaccinne programme at risk. Your making it up or reading the wrong sites. Even your beloved Gaurdian wont be claiming this.

// The EU's medicines regulator says unusual blood clots should be listed as a very rare side effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine for Covid-19.
After a study looking at 86 European cases, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) concluded the benefits of the vaccine outweighed the risk. //

So why is the UK Government discouraging under 50s having the AZ vaccine?
Perhaps you can explain?
I don’t think sunk is suggesting it’s fake news. I hope not anyway as that would be ridiculous.
Rather I thought the suggestion was that the move away from AZ in light of the independent research and advice was done simply to cover up a shortage.
I’d suggest as I did above rather that that would be counter-productive. However, it is something that potentially is convenient and the impact should be minimal.
Provided people don’t overrract to the news
//Why is the under thirties being offered an alternative to the AZ vaccine .// sic

Because it is easier for them to spell?
Just fancy that...
18th March
// THERE will be a "significant reduction" in the availability of Covid vaccines throughout April, the NHS has warned.
The blow means anyone under the age of 50 will now have to wait longer for their jab.
A leaked NHS letter yesterday said first doses will be “significantly constrained” due to a “significant reduction in supply from manufacturers”.
Downing Street has not denied these claims.
A bombshell letter, revealed yesterday, said there would be a predicted four-week blip in vaccines “as a result of reductions in national inbound supply”.
NHS bosses told local leaders to avoid inviting anyone under 50 years old for a jab, just days before those in their 40s were expected to be invited.
Only under “'exceptional circumstances” can a younger person be offered a dose. //
Oh dear. Under 50's only have a 99.8% chance of surviving Covid.
It used to be the world-beating Oxford vaccine, but now it's a rather more foreign-sounding Astra-Zenica.
Definitely ain't having it now.
Ta, Atheist.

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Alternative Vaccines For Under Thirties

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