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Don't scoff, his indefatigability is legendary.
We have Virgin Sturgeon,Randy Sandy,Dross Ross(the Tory"heartthrob and useless linesman",a severe prat,the Greens(who are Virgins gofers)Gorgeous George,and the Lib-Dems who couldnt win a seat if they were the only party standing.Welcome to are effing welcome to it.
> Don't scoff, his indefatigability is legendary.


> Mee-oww!

Mee-ow mee-oww!!
What Ellipsis said, Te he.
I always had you down as a Galloway supporter,Gromit.Have you had a"road to Damascus"type of epiphany?
Galloway is a total pollock...but I do have a reluctant admiration for him in the way he performed at a hearing in the US some years ago.
I Blame St Tony for what has happened to Scotland, a once proud nation reduced to some sort freak show. Devolution did the damage.
If Blair could have foreseen the rise of the SNP and the obliteration of Labour in Scotland he wouldn't have touched devolution with a bargepole.
Interesting that he is on a strongly pro union ticket though.
Disagree Tora... this all comes down to Brexit...

The independence question in Scotland was settled comfortably in 2014... they never would have had another bite of the cherry without Brexit.

The remainers predicted that voting to leave would tear apart the UK. It looks increasingly likely that they were correct.
Would have thought Galloway was a busted flush.
Oh come on, you only have to recall this ...

untitled 21:05, cobras, they were never like this till they got their "parliament" - If they want "independence" then they wont want to be ruled buy the EUSSR either so I don't see how brexit makes any odds.
They do not perceive the EU as a threat to their independence tora... I understand you disagree but most scots do not share your view.
Scotland 2014 (with a parliament) - voted to stay in the union by a comfortable majority.

Scotland 2020 (after Brexit) - looks increasingly likely to secede...

I don't think there's a better explanation for this than Brexit... they were happy to stay before.
how do you know what most Scots think ?
Because most of them voted to remain unless I am mistaken... evidently they do not share Tora's view of the EU.
not all Scots 38 percent wanted to leave.

Scotland has voted in favour of the UK staying in the EU by 62% to 38% -
Yes emmie I did not say "all" did I.
you said most, which isn't true. Though we have moved on so it could be more want to split from UK

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