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Your link isn't working.
Thanks Roy.

//Ex-president called transgender women athletes ‘biological males’//

So what? He's right. Where's the fun you promised, Paigntonian?
Question Author
The fun is that Trump is clearly trying to wind Liberals up. That's all.
Fun and Trump? Sorry, does not compute.
Fun and Trump: Funt.
Trump is right but easily solved if trans had their own sports section ie Females, Males & Trans ;)
Thought it was Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves?
He's right.

Two recent examples...

Hannah Mouncey playing in women's Aussie Rules football. This 'woman' is built like a brick outhouse, and yet we're meant to take it seriously that 'she' should be allowed to compete against proper women.

Rachel McKinnon...

It is unfair on proper women that the likes of McKinnon and Mouncey are allowed to compete against them.

March 4th is the new Jan 6th apparently.
Keeps everyone on the boil I suppose.

Why doesn’t Trump come out and explain he’s not the Messiah. He doesn’t even have to protest that he isn’t a naughty boy either.
That condemns him in my eyes more than Jan 6. He could sabotage the whole blinking nonsense with a few words and he won’t.
QAnon I meant. Sorry
It's not difficult to wind liberals up and it is quite funny.
For many people the whole "trump project" has been about annoying liberals over and above anything else... including the best interests of the USA and the world, political stability, sane responsible government, etc... so long as he "triggered the libs", that was all that mattered.

It is sad but some people really are that shallow and cynical.
Lol it's even easier to wind up conservatives.

You don't even need to say anything - make a balloon of their horrible hero and watch them whinge.

Regardless of what he is saying, does Donald Trump ever consider for a moment how horrible he is, and how repugnant his morals, attitudes and tactics are?

He just looks and sounds and behaves like what he is, an amoral, narcisistic thin-skinned chauvenist - and how he attracts the support of so many voters must remain for ever a mystery.

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Just For Fun Trump...

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