Schools Shut Until Easter?

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mushroom25 | 12:17 Sun 24th Jan 2021 | News
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this is what the government are saying, and the media are reporting

and yet - whilst schools are "only" open for the vulnerable and children of key workers, the definition of both categories is now so broad that school attendance in this region is close to 70% of normal in some schools. Why is the government maintaining the pretence of "closed schools"?


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Schools will be closed until at least Easter and I would not be surprised to see them closed for much longer than that. But you are quite correct - the definition of key workers has expanded and also those children who do not have facilities to study at home are also able to attend. This makes the closures even more unfathomable.
Yes, there are a large number of children attending schools now. I know someone whose son attended a primary school during the first lockdown and was one of a select few. This time there are many more, with up to 25 pupils in some classes.
my friend husband is classified as a key worker, and their children could go to school, but the parents are wary of sending them to school i think....
Our school (secondary), only had 28 students in last week, and that's with a roll of 1700+

I hope schools do reopen after Easter, and I don't see why not if all vulnerables are vaccinated. It's eerie going in to work with the buildings being so empty and quiet. It was a bit of a novelty at first, but not so much now.
what area are you in mushroom? how many schools are at 70% attendance? I ask because where i am its very much smaller than that (generally) and at aeound 30% at my daughter's school (primary) but with loal secondaries much fewer
ps the government are NOT saying that according to the article you pointed us too? i am confused
Reporting fact here. Neighbours each side, each have 2 children who attend village Junior/Infants school. 1st lockdown - all 4 were at home despite both sets of parents having claims to be 'essential workers' - policeman, college lecturer, NHS worker (not medical) side. This time, all 4 children are at school. My younger daughter is in her 1st year of teaching Maths. and is staying at home with both her kids, whose schools are closed. I do NOT approve of this, but she says she is trying to save strain on the system.

I rather think that most schools are at least 50% full and kids are getting the worst of all worlds being 'coped with' by staff. Open to contradiction, but I do know a lot of people still at the chalk-face and they feel that the 'worst of all worlds' is being managed.
Sent our kids back to school last week.

I'm classed as an essential worker, even though I can, under normal circumstances, work from home without any issue. However, I'm now back in the office and the kids are at school as we're having very noisy building work undertaken at home, and it became impossible for me and the kids to work.

They tell me the school is fairly busy.
jourdain - it's probably because there is a different feel this time. In the first lockdown, there really was a feel of we were all doing our bit, and there wasn't much time to sort anything outand also not much choice. me and my husband are both key workers but kept our daughter at home until after the may half term. It became apparent both she and we were struggling so she went back in June. This time, although we work from home she has gone straight back.

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Schools Shut Until Easter?

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