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drmorgans | 09:47 Sun 24th Jan 2021 | News
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I noticed the BBC website is using "jags" to refer to covid vaccinations. Is this a local term or is Tarquin the intern in the content department a bit dim?


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jag, a scottish word for injection apparently

Question Author

Thanks, never heard that before.
-- answer removed --
Yes, BBC Scotland using the correct word for its intended audience.
Jag is just one of many words we have to describe a little prick.
Salmond being another?
i'm going to drive my jag to get my jag when I am called!
Two jags Tora.
moved sarf ( rel)
that is - can be used in norffa England - Manchester - 2

sozza really into TTT talk this am - stroke maybe?
// Jag is just one of many words we have to describe a little prick.
09:23 Sun 24th Jan 2021
Salmond being another?

yeah foo ( good morning boys and gurlz still in TTT talk mode I'm afraid)

well that is not what Salmond said - and so .....
was his real crime - - - misrepresenting swollen goods?
ter daah - ay thenk yew
-- answer removed --
Stinging nettles are jaggie/jaggy nettles or just jaggies. Something pointed can be jagged so an injection that is sharp and stinging being called a "jag" makes sense to me.
10.10 P/P I knew Jag would remind me of TTT, how did you guess
assuming the government don't change their own rules again, everybody will be "two jags" by the end of this year.

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