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Unfortunately that figure is understated as w mondays figures are so will be back nearer a 1000 in today's figures. It reflects what we were doing wrong 3 or 4 weeks ago really
The cases figure dropping so deaths should fall by early feb
Question Author
I hope so bobbin, it's very scary
We are doing things wrong, but not so much with respect to the higher figures. I suspect some nations have to be near the top while others not, and much is down to luck. Although it does suggest blatting all with restrictions rather than concentrating on protecting the vulnerable, isn't best policy.
Combination of two things I believe.
We report far more honestly than everyone else and too many people thinking they can swan about in a lockdown, drive where they like and do as they please.
Suspect you’re correct Stickybottle. Plus maybe we report differently e.g. a family member entered a hospice with days to live, caught COVID and passed away in days. Sadly, she will be recorded in the daily statistics.
//Although it does suggest blatting all with restrictions rather than concentrating on protecting the vulnerable, isn't best policy.//

But we'er allready protecting the vunerable are'nt we? Loads are shielding and havent been out for months. We'er told not to visit them unless absolutely essential. Am not sure what more you think we should be doing for the old that would stop hundreds of these deaths everyday.

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Even when travel restrictions were eased Aug( ish) I flew to Lanzarote in October , you had to download a form and show you'd not been in contact with anyone with Covid,this was scanned at Arrecife by border control, we flew from Edinburgh ( cheaper) were we asked or stopped to show said form, Not likely,just straight through !!
A dont think that form was worth the paper it was written on though bobbi if it was just relying on honesty- whose really going to declare something that ll mean there not allowed to fly
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I think it was a case of , You have symptoms when you're here, you knew about them !!!
The UK is a major travel hub between continents.
And is very densely populated.

I am not sure we are doing anything "wrong" particularly. The things we are doing other countries are also doing.
It is also difficult to compare as not all countries measure things the same way. The Russians for example admitted that they'd undercounted their dead.
Still not good though.
There are far too many people in this country adjusting the rules to suit their own requirements, that's what we are doing wrong. Since the first lockdown I have been out only once every two weeks for groceries. The supermarket is twelve miles away and on the first occasion I left home at 7:30 and met only one car. Yesterday I again left home at the same time, before I left my village I met six cars, after three miles I had met thirty cars and at that point stopped counting; also there was a traffic jam going into the town. People are just not adhering to the rules, a friend lives on a country road and says the volume of traffic past her house has increased tenfold during the past few weeks, she suspects the drivers are using the country lanes to stay off the main roads where the police are more likely to check essential travelling.
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We've never left our home since the national lockdown came in,I think that's more to do with a very strict daughter :0)
I agree totally with the post of Vulcan above, just too many people have their own agenda instead of sticking to Government guide lines.
That light at the end of the tunnel is not getting any brighter and let's hope that the tunnel doesn't collapse.
It has to be remembered that we have quite a high number of older people suffering from chronic bronchitis and related chest problems in this country, due to a combination of the high numbers of people who smoked in the past, our industrial heritage and our climate. This obviously is going to affect the number of people who will get seriously ill when they get Covid.
It also has to be remembered that we have a section of the public who feel almost obliged to challenge authorities, the police and flex the rules to to the enth degree to suit their own ends hence this will be perpetuating for some time to come.
Yep, it's all fake news - we are doing much better than everyone else who are lying scum who hide their dead under the beds, in wardrobes and prop others up with a frozen smile when they run out of space to stash them in. WE are sooooo superior so all this statistical stuff is just smoke and mirrors.....even though we produce the numbers (we're just not as good at lying).

This has nothing to do with the fact that the long end of the list includes countries which know what they are doing, go about it more steadfastly with far better support/backing of a more sensible population. Anyone who suggests that is simply Anti-British. We are showing the world how great we are.

Only we report a death while Covid infected as a Covid death, they all put it down to multiple organ failure, that's why they die in intensive care while at least half of ours die at home. Then remember that we have excess death incidence while others have less total deaths than in an ordinary year. They also had higher retail figures over the holiday season than we, they are less depressed than we, etc., etc. - that's just the way luck as well as the anti-British are against us.

Had we copied the others from the outset we wouldn't be World Beating, so give us some credit. Oh, and don't forget we won all those wars.

Jeez, give me strength and maybe I would summon some admiration for the nation.
Question Author
And the World Cup Karl, how dare you forget that !
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I'd say America would top the list for Obesity levels

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