Brandon Lewis Car Crash Interview.

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needawin | 10:28 Tue 19th Jan 2021 | News
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Anyone who doubts the total incompetence of the current "Government"
and it's Ministers needs to "catch up" this morning's GMB interview.
Piers Morgan and Brandon Lewis.
What a waste of space. We get statistics by the Government on an almost hourly basis saying how they are the world leaders.
This morning UK statistics show the highest death rate per head of population in the world.
Lewis' response. You can't go by statistics! Couldn't make it up.


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// False News //

not entirely. from your link, in the last 7 days, 109 per million in the UK. that's 10 clear of the next ranked, Czechia, on 99, who are themselves clear of Portugal on 91.
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Dannyk I suppose Covid is a hoax too!
needawin //Dannyk I suppose Covid is a hoax too!//
Of course it isn't.
Can’t keep blaming the government though when a lot of the statistics are as a result of stupidity and selfishness by a small section of the population who do not realise or care about the affect that they are having with their actions.
Danny’s post at 09.31 clearly shows this statement is not true. What has happened in the last 7 days is not good, but it doesn’t show we have the highest death rate per head of population in the world. So, as Danny says, fake news.
The one question that doesn’t seem to be tackled is why a large number of cases seem to occur in patients of ethnic origin.
Possible because of living conditions, families together and because of the jobs they do exposes them more. Could possibly genetic make up as well. Not following the guidelines
From the figures quoted in the interview it does look like the UK has the highest death rate per capita but just like grumpy, calmck amd stickybottle infer it’s not as clear cut a comparison as when using statistical comparison for the vaccine rollout. Each country is in a different stage of the Coronavirus infection so death rates will be evolving as they have done in the UK. It could be that only when the whole world is clear of the virus judgments can be made. I think this is what Brandon Lewis was trying to say but Piers Morgan would not let him speak. Shouting over politicians never leads to reasonable debate and Piers was at his very worst this morning. Car crash interview? Well it wasn’t an interview at all was it?
death rate per million
San Marino
This Sky news story is just a manipulation of data to make a negative story on the government as in ‘there’s lies, damn lies and statistics’.

I have moved this thread into the category "News".
In what way have the data been manipulated?
the statistics cited are here

Lewis' response seems to be "we can't tell at the moment", presumably on the grounds that if we look back in 6 months it might turn out that Nigeria's death rate was higher or something.
Surely the point of this thread was to highlight that the gov has been trumpeting its statistic based 'world leaders' schtick, only for Lewis to tell us that the figures can't be relied upon. Can't have it both ways.
Danny, you would believe anything that Boris and his crony party says , you have just let them radicalise you.
Try and start thinking things out for yourself , its not too difficult.
Gulliver//Try and start thinking things out for yourself//
How on earth would you know?Thinking needs a brain.
Whether we are at the top of the league or sixth is irrelevant. We are at the wrong end of that table.

We are one of the wealthiest countries in the world, an island nation and with excellent scientific and medical experts.
90,000 dead is a disaster. Mistakes were made.
Danny at 15.55 Time you started renting one for yourself then.

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Brandon Lewis Car Crash Interview.

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